Monday, December 12, 2011

Glitz and Glam

I saw Raven was doing a Christmas gift blog swap this year and I knew I couldn't pass it up!
Who doesn't like girly, glittery presents??
And I'm always down for any excuse to shop!

I was paired up with Ashley and was so excited when I got her present in the mail.

That is seriously my favorite color of nail polish!
How did you know??
I was just thinking the other day I need to accessorize my wardrobe and then
A bracelet, earrings and scarf come in the mail.

Ashley, are you a mind reader?

It's so awesome to "meet" new people that you would have otherwise never known.
Blogging is the best.

Thanks so much for all the awesome gifts!

Wanna see what I sent her??
Head on over to Ashley's and check it out!


Arielle said...

Such a cute scarf! New follower:-)

blue roses said...

so fun!

Lindsey said...

wow, that bracelet and those earrings are so cute. I want them too!! Ashley sure did hook you up! Thanks so much for participating in our swap. We had a blast hosting!!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

oooo I love that Nivea stuff, I have a ton of it! Found your blog from the swap. Wishing I had known about it in time because it looks like it was blast. Loving your cute blog!