Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Mike: Thank you for being so amazing. You have been so supportive lately and it means so much to me. I am so glad that you are trying to speak my love language(s) but please stop loving me with food! After today-today you can buy me Panera and Ben and Jerrys. Don't forget the Ben and Jerrys. 
Dear Elle my belle my darling daughter: Why are you just so stinkin' cute. When you say "I luv lew" I die. My heart literally bursts.I think soon you will realize those three little words will stop my world just long enough for you to get whatever you want. But the whining/temper tantrum throwing- not so much. That doesn't go over so well. 
Dear House: It is time. After 3 years of living here we are finally going to paint every square inch of you-except the upstairs, we are going to pretend that doesn't exist. I know it took me almost $30 in paint samples, 3 different shades of brown, and 4 shades of blue/slate/grey but I think I made up my mind. Yes, I have. Wait, or should I do a lighter shade of red? Crap.
Dear Gnome that lives in our house and steals our stuff: Please feel free to paint the house while we are sleeping. I think it is only fair after all the things that have gone missing from our house. 
Dear Mike: About those love languages, sure I love snuggling at night, but if you can't stop being twitchy Magoo stay on your own side of the bed. Contrary to what you may think, there are sides of the bed. 
Replace the her with him and this is my life. 
Dear Michigan: I am loving this 60* weather. I am even ok with the rain. Autumn, please come quickly! I will cherish you this year, I promise. I will even go to a cider mill. 

Dear Facebook: I have made it this long with out Timeline only to log in this morning to get that dreaded message.  I do not understand the new layout. I am still trying to figure out the "new" blogger. Too many changes, too many changes...
What have you done to me?

Happy Friday!!


Whitney said...

Came across your blog from Adventures of Newlyweds & I couldn't agree with you more on the temper tantrums ( I just happened to blog about that too )! Why must our little's go through such a dreadful stage?! :/

April said...

LOL! That bed graphic is spot on! And could you tell those gnomes they can stop by my house and clean anytime they want?! Thanks!

- April