Monday, July 2, 2012

Just Some Fluff

I just haven't been able to blog lately.
I am sure my absence has been felt by all my fans.
(insert sarcasm)

It just feels like everything I could possibly say is so 


I have posts written in my head that I just can't seem to type out. 
It's been a really rough few weeks. 
With events that just rock you to the core.

So instead of trying to put my thoughts in order here is some fluff.

I was making a .F.R.E.E. photobook on shutterflylast week 
(which was really annoying trying to use a keyboard where half the keys are super hard to press due to a Dr. Pepper landslide...thanks Dear) 
and I went through all the old pictures of Ellie. 
I can't believe how much she has grown.
And changed. 

Holy Moses my baby is so big,

This girl has a strong will
...I just can't figure out where she gets it from...
Surely not her mother. 

We went swimming in our friends pool last week and she lost her mind.
She didn't want to be held in the water. 
She didn't want to float in her floatie.
She wanted O!U!T!
The only way to keep her still was to feed her pop-ice. 
She likes to do everything herself. So that pretty much nixes any future trips to the pool.
She seems to like the splash park though. I'm sure it's because she can "do it herself."
We're heading off on vacation in a few weeks and it will be fun to see what it's like now that she is a year older. 

At the splash pad last year. 

Oh and...
We have our Independence Day tutu sets for sale over at our Etsy shop  

Who doesn't love a little red, white, and blue??

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