Thursday, January 17, 2013

Look Whoo's Two

Yes I am fully aware that Ellie has been 2 for an entire month and I am just now getting around to recapping her birthday/party. I have been so pre-occupied, but more on that another day.

Don't judge me. 

Ellie's birthday fell on a Saturday this year so we ended up having her party on the same day. 
I wanted to do an owl theme for Ellie's birthday this year. Mike wasn't really all for it, but once I showed him some of the stuff I wanted to do he came around. 

The menu consisted of: pigs in a blanket, fried ravioli, deviled eggs, fruit pizza, veggie pizza, cupcakes, homemade hot chocolate, and pink lemonade/raspberry sorbet punch.

These were the goodies to add to the homemade hot chocolate. Marshmallows, crushed candy canes, Hershey kisses, Rolo's, and Reese's. Everyone said that the hot chocolate was amazing, but I was too buys to actually get to try some during the party. By the time everyone left it was all gone. So I guess I will have to take their word on it!!
Recipe here. I doubled it for about 15-20 people. 

(Sorry for the super good quality photos)
The cupcake toppers alternated the number 2 and these cute little owls that took me forrreverrr to make on my cricut. 

It was really fun to watch Ellie open her presents this year. She kept saying "Open presesnts" until it was actually time to sit down and get to it. She knew what was going on and after every toy she opened she said "Wanna open it" because she wanted to play with every single one right away. So we had to keep the assembly line moving so she wouldn't get distracted by all the fun stuff she got. But who doesn't want to watch a toddler open presents for hours?

Ellie had 5 of her cousins there and had absolutely no interest in sharing any of her toys with them. She got a 24 pack of playdoh and a jar of utensils to go along with it and when she opened up the jar of utensils everyone kept taking them and trying to play with them. So she shot them all a dirty look, picked them all up and put them away. I guess in her mind if she had to share her toys she didn't want to play with them. 

Unfortunately we I didn't get a picture of her in her birthday outfit so these action shots will have to do. 

It was the cutest little outfit I've ever seen. It was perfect for her owl theme. 
Here's what it actually looks like. (I wish I got this deal for it!)

Little Miss Princess was actually still asleep when every one got to our house for her party. We let her sleep until we finished up setting everything up. I had NO intention of waking her up because she can be quite the bear when she's awoken from her slumber. (I have NO idea where she gets that from.)
So needless to say she was a little shy when she woke up and saw her house was full of people.
When it came time to sing happy birthday she really wanted nothing to do with it. 

Sweet Daddy's girl

Being shy didn't stop her from eating the frosting off her cupcake though. 

And because we are amazing here is the ONLY shot we got of the three (four!!) of us all day.

Definite capturing the moment fail. 

Once everyone left Ellie spent the rest of the night in a slap-happy sugar high. She played with all her new toys and climbed all over Mike like he was a jungle gym. You can't sit on the floor without this girl climbing up your back to sit on your shoulders. 

This was the last year that we will celebrate Ellie's birthday as a family of 3. I wonder how she will do having to share EVERYTHING with her little brother in just a few short months!

I can't believe we have a 2 year old, how did the time so by so fast? 
Once our little boy comes I am never blinking again!

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