Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My April Resolution

Thankfully these past 2 days have been SO much better with Ellie. Like a dummy I thought that maybe I could sneak dairy back into my diet since she was doing so well on the probiotic and that didn't go over so well. I thought for a few days maybe we were in the clear but by Friday morning I learned I made a HUGE mistake. I did eat the pizza and ice cream I was missing terribly but it was not worth the price we had to pay. So thankfully by Monday it seemed to be out of my system and we're back on track. Now we just have to conquer the nighttime routine. She is currently napping in the swing (hallelujah) which is apparently the only place other than my arms that she will nap, sometimes. She is just so stinkin' adorable!! 
On another note, I decided that I am going to officially start doing weight watchers again this week. By officially I mean actually write down what I eat and the point values, not guestimate and hope for the best like I was doing. I am dying to lose this baby weight...and then some...I hate how weight always has to be an issue. I mean I know it is with most women, except for the annoying lucky few, but I feel like it's more of an issue with me. I lost a lot of weight when I went away for my first semester of college and I thought for sure that none of it would ever creep back on. Wrong. I kept it off for about 3 years but then I got cocky. After 3 years I thought for sure that I could now just go about my life and not worry about or watch what I ate. Wrong again. I got married and little by little it snuck back up on me. So this time I am determined to lose it and never find it again. Now I know that I will never be one of those annoying lucky women that can eat whatever they want and not gain an ounce and I will have to be careful about it for the rest.of.my.life. ugh. So I guess that is my April resolution, seeing as how how I missed the mark in January, and now that I have put it on paper..errr in print...I better stick to it. Since it's getting so nice out we can finally go outside and get some exercise; and some MUCH needed vitamin D. As of this morning I was down 3.5lbs so that's some motovation for me! So here is to conquering weight...and bedtime. To be honest I'm more afraid of bedtime :)

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