Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm thinking Wednesday

These are the thoughts rolling around my head today. uhoh

*I'm thinking that I'm super ticked that I have been throwing away coupons every Sunday without realizing it. Stupid little sneaky local paper at the end of our driveway.
*I love the 4th of July as much as the next guy girl but I can't read any more "Happy 4th of July this is what I did" posts. It makes me feel like I'm reading the same blog overandoverandoverandover. "We had a BBQ then we went swimming then we watched fireworks."
*Why is it that your best friends always seem to forget you've always been there for them when they move away/make a new friend where they live? Ummmm helloooooooooooo I've always been here for you, but now that your life is moving forward you leave everyone else behind???? AWE-SOME
*Why do I expect God to come in and save the day, while I stand here and act like a dummy?
*Why does my motivation to workout and eat healthy come while I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep. "Tomorrow I'm going to run 8 miles and only eat healthy organic food" HA!
*I graduated from HS 6 years ago (I know super old right?!) and it amazes me that people are still.the.same. Still effin crazy! "I like him, but he likes her, she was my friend but I don't like her anymore because he likes her, so now I don't like him because he likes her." Really?REALLY??
b!tches be crazy!
*Why can't I spell definately? definatly? definatley? definitely?
*Nothing tastes as good as thin feels; well I can't remember how thin feels, but I imagine these babys taste pretty frickin ah-maz-ing.
*Ellie has been saying mamamamamama pretty much for day one (I'm not kidding-that's what she says when she fusses/cries-which kills me when she's in her crib cause my heart tries to convince my brain that she's really saying mama) so when do I know when do I get to say she's said her first word?!
*Why is it that Ellie waits until I put a fresh diaper on her to poop. Every time, never fails. I guess if I had to poop my pants I would want to do it in a clean pair of undies? 
*E is teething and it really hasn't been as horrible as I thought it would be. We had a couple rough nights but during the day...she's been a peach...even more clingy and whiny if that's possible
*Speaking of peaches...I just made a ton of baby food and this girl I'm tired of thinning out food with BM only to have to dump it down the garbage disposal because she doesn't want to eat. That is liquid gold dontcha know?
*How do I get her to take a longer nap? She''l be tired and whiny and pass out after her bottle only to awaken 30 minutes after she goes in her crib. Then she'll be back in cranky mode half hour after she wakes really how??? And just letting her CIO doesn't work.

I leave you with this
Heard this song today on Brittany's blog and it really spoke to me. WOW

What are you thinking about today?


Emily said...

I have a baby girl named Ellie...great name!

Michelle said...

Totally feel ya on the eating healthy/ working out thing. It never fails, I ALWAYS have these great intentions for the next day in the middle if the night. I mean well, but it's usually forgotten by the morning. :p Have a great Friday!