Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pack and Play

This week E and I are hanging out at my SILs house for a few days this week while Mike holds down the fort at home. I watched my 1 month old niece and Ellie all by myself today and I've decided that I don't ever want to have two babies that are both on bottles at the same time!!! I imagine it'll be easier putting a baby down for nap time without having to spend 20+ min giving them a bottle.

We had to make a bedtime run to Babies R Us because our pack and play is was a piece of crap. Baby trend-monkeying around, there is always one side that won't snap into place no matter what you do or how hard you shake the damn thing. Don't get this stupid thing!!!

The other week why my SIL came over it took both of us over 30 min to try and set that stupid thing up. It was awful; the room was closing in, it was 200* in there, and we both wanted to shout a few choice words but we had little ears listening to us. My brother gave it a try last night, and they have 3 kids and have had more than their share of experience putting up pack and plays so I know it's not just user error. I returned it for their trade-in event where they give you 25% off the purchase of new baby gear. Well jokes on you Babies R Us, looks like I got the better end of that deal!! The new pack and play we got is ahhhh-mazing! So easy to put up, the sides snap right up and come down with out a problem. I love the bassinett attachment for our next little snuggly baby.

My best advice is don't buy the "most affordable" baby gear to try and save money, get what you really want and something that is going to last because now we've paid WAY more than we would have had we thrown down a little more cheddar.Next thing on my list to replace is our swing....maybe next baby...And if you're going to have more little mini's then you will definitely get your money's worth out of it!!!

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