Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Ramble Of Sorts

I started babysitting a friend's little boy last week.
It's only for a few weeks to help them out.
It's Wednesday and Thursday 6:30-6:00 and Friday 8:30-1:00.
He is 9 days younger than Ellie and it is so fun to watch them play together.
It really reassures me that when we have another baby I will be able to handle it.
Granted it will be totally different because it will be a toddler and a baby not two toddlers.
It's much more like having twins when he is here since they're so close in age.

I remember when I was in middle school and high school I loved babysitting and being in the nursery at church.
Now; not so much.
I never really realized how much babies cry. And whine. And have snotty little noses.
And it wasn't until I had my own that I realized all this.
(The little boy I'm babysitting is an exception. He rarely cries and is such a sweet little boy)
And my baby isn't any better than the rest of em!
When I go somewhere and drop Ellie off in the daycare she gets hysterical.
I always feel so bad for the workers, but I just give her a smooch put her down and say
"She'll be fine."
Because she will.
And she usually is.
That's my new motto.
 Once she realizes that there are a tons of toys and plenty of other little people to play with she is just fine.
When I come to pick her up it warms my heart watching her happily play...until she sees me and then goes into hysterics all over again.
I don't understand why they cry when they see you, shouldn't they be happy and come running with arms open??
Silly babies. 

 But you know what drives me crazy??
When parents take their kids to the nursery when their kids are sick.
If your kid has snot pouring down his face prolly an indication that he has a virus or something.
I'm not talking about working mothers who don't have a choice
I'm talking about church or the gym.
You don't have to go the gym when your kid is sick.
That is a choice, not a necessity.
You can take a week or and make sure your child feels better instead of infecting everyone else around them. And I'm sure that the workers appreciate when you are considerate and keep your snot nose kid home. I just had to stay quarantined for 2 whole weeks while Ellie kicked this nasty cold.
Did I want to go to the gym
Did I want to go walk the mall and get out of the house
But it was in the best interest of my child to keep her inside where it is warm and let her rest and recuperate.

Once she was feeling better we finally took her Christmas pictures.
February 1st-so we were a little late.
Don't judge me.

By the end she was pretty unamused

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