Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm thinking Wednesday

My sisters and I are making a ton of crafts for a Mom2Mom sale in a few months, which will hopefully be extremely successful so we can start an Etsy shop and become millionaires. We are going to be selling flower clips, headbands, tutu's, tulle dresses, tutu dresses and hair clip accessory holders. Feel free to place an order.

I can't wait for this weekend. Momma needs a break. It will be a nice long weekend with the hubs and my mom is watching E Saturday night so we will have some alone time. bow-chicka-bow-wow
We will be heading to Autorama Saturday morning (this is how you know I love him) then I'm sure dinner and some drinks or something Saturday night to celebrate the hubs being one step closer to the big 3-0.
(He will only be 28 but I like to round up)

I have a 14 month old who apparently thinks that she is in the "terrible two's" stage. It is temper tantrum city in my house. She has become a super picky eater, things she liked last week get thrown on the floor this week. And she seems to have forgotten what "No" means.  Any advice on how to tame the tantrums? I am babysitting 3 days a week, and Ellie has recently become really possessive and freaks out anytime I pick up the other child. But when she's not hollering because I told her not to push the buttons on the printer she is cracking me up. This girl can find a rhythm in anything. She will dance to the beat of the printer, or the timer in Scattergories. My SIL says we're going to have an August Rush on our hands! She is amazed by everything. She walks around saying "WOW" and "WHOA". Her new favorite word is "Yeah" but she stretches it out like yeaa-ah, I'm going to cherish this because I know it will soon turn into "NO". She is such a copy-cat. She has recently started crawling into infant carseats, bouncers, and sitting in her bumbo because she sees her 4 month old cousin in them. Sometimes I will catch her sticking her thumb in her mouth copying her cousin.
Even with the trying moments we're had lately she still melts my heart amd I couldn't imagine loving her more.

That's about all I've got for today. I think I may put my feet up and watch some Whitney

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Tami said...

That is great that you are doing a craft show! You should post pictures of some of the stuff you are selling. You know I have a major weakness for baby hair accessories! I love the pics of Ellie. SHe is adorable and sounds like she has such a fun little personality.