Thursday, March 1, 2012

Full House

I've spent this week wiping runny noses.
Both mine and Ellie's.
And I'm pretty sure I'm being more of a baby than she is.
I haven't been sick since before Ellie was born.
Whenever I am sick I always realize how much I take for granted being healthy.
Being able to breathe through my nose.
Or getting a good nights rest. 
 It's been the perfect week to be sick though. Mike is on spring break so he is working less hours this week so he's home more to help out with Ellie.
I'm thinking that this cold has something to do with stress and being run down.

Sunday my brother moved in with us.
Soon to be followed by the rest of his family.
A total of 5 people with 3 kids 5 and under.
It's gonna be a full house.
He was living on the other side of the state and we have been praying he would find a job over here so we could all live by each other and God was faithful and he started his new job Monday! So they are going to live with us until they find a place of their own over here.

The stress doesn't come from them moving in with us, but having to get our house ready for them.
The upstairs is pretty much just forgotten about. We have no reason to go up there, so we never do.
The closets were filled with clothes that I'm hoping to fit back into, purses I no longer use, shoes I haven't worn, and a hodge-podge of bedroom furniture that has been given to us over the years. Our front living room is the home to extra furniture and baby items we are no longer using so that had to be cleared out. Needless to say I am so ready for garage sale season so that I can sell a ton of stuff.
I'm glad that this is lighting a fire under me to get everything organized and put away.
I just wish I didn't have to catch a cold in the midst of everything.
And to top it all off I missed the first week of our Beth Moore Bible study at church.
I'm making the decorations and cupcakes for a baby shower on Saturday so hopefully this cold is gone by tomorrow!!

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Melliedew said...

What a week for both of us, huh?! Sorry you guys are sick, too. It's crummy! I missed the Beth Moore study today, too. Pray for Isabelle, Bob is taking her to the ER at the moment to get an XRAY on her stomach. Poor baby is in pain. As for the organizing, after you're done, you can come over to my house and have your way with it! HAHA Feel better!