Sunday, March 18, 2012

She's got Rhythm

I think I'm in trouble.
Ellie loves to dance. Every time I pick her up from the nursery at church they tell me how she was just constantly bopping around wiggling and dancing. I think she constantly has a song playing in her head. She can find the rhythm in anything. I mean anything. We were playing Scattergories at my brother's house one night and she was dancing to the "tick-tick-tick" of the timer. She will bop back and forth to the sound of our printer, she was even dancing to the noise of my husband revving his motorcycle engine.
My sister says she is going to be our little musical prodigy like August Rush because she can find the music in anything.

I think we are going to hat to put her in dance once she is old enough.
I can already hear my bank account crying.

She does this thing we call the wiggle walk. While she is walking she shakes her hips side to side so it looks like she's dancing while she walks. She also does this hilarious side-step thing where she will step one foot tot he side and drag the other one until her feet are together. My husband got this video this weekend while I was out of town helping my brother and sister pack up their house to move in with us. I about peed my pants when I saw it.

I just love her so much!!!

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Melliedew said...

Oh my word, that is precious! Girl can dance!