Friday, May 25, 2012

And The Winner Is...

The winner of the Delicate Darlings tutu set giveaway is...

Leisha said...
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Dance, Last Chance

We've had some pretty nice weather so far this Week. Ellie decided she finally wanted to get in the pool. Evidently it had warmed up enough for her liking.
(Don't mind the grass in the pool. It's from the older kids hopping in and out)

Today is an ozone action day or whatever so they are saying that we should stay indoors. 
It's going to be a crazy day. Maybe I will go walk the mall. 

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sometimes and Always

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Sometimes: I am so excited when Ellie sleeps in until 9:00am
Always: I am no amused when she is soaked thru and I have to give her a bath and wash sheets first thing when I wake up
For the record-I don't think she was amused either

Sometimes: I have pajama days during the week
Always: I have pajama days during the week-WHOOPS

Sometimes: Ellie's toys start playing themselves late at night and I get freaked out
Always: I am convinced Casper lives in our living room and I have to sing "God is bigger than the boogie man..."

Sometimes: I take my car mom-mobile through the drive thru car wash
Always: I get so frustrated trying to actually get my wheels in the little track that i just put it in revers and hightail it out of there. 

Sometimes: I really want to paint our house
Always: I hate painting and I get overwhelmed and it doesn't happen. 
Anyone wanna come paint for me?!?!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Rewind

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Little Moments Like This

We had a pretty great, relaxing weekend.
Friday my sister and I went grocery shopping (which includes a trip to Aldis, Kroger, and Meijer...phew!!) and decided to surprise the kids and got everything we need to make S'mores.
So after picking up some Pasta Hut for dinner we headed outside and started the fire. Ellie had never had S'mores and she L.O.V.E.D. them! I would turn my heard for a second and she would be sneaking marshmallows out of the bag

Saturday we had a low key day at home and Ellie spent time playing with and feeding her baby. It cracks me up how much she learns just by observing!

Sunday we went to a BBQ for my Step-brother-in-laws 30th birthday. There was a black lab puppy and Ellie was o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. She followed her around all day. Mike kept trying to convince me that Ellie needs a puppy but I DO NOT agree.

It was like 908 on Sunday so I to the garage sale down the road and bought a new (still in the package) baby pool and after naps the kids loved playing in it. Well except for Ellie, if you dipped her in it she said "no,no,no,no don't". And no one would sit down in it because the water was freezing cold. What are ya gonna do? Maybe the water will actually be warm by the end of the week!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Fridays Letters


Dear Mouth: Learn when to say no. Practice with me N-O. N.O. NO. You don't have to say "YES" to everything anyone ever asks you to do. Because then you end up frustrated and overwhelmed. NO. You get it?
Dear Hubby: Thank you so much for getting Ellie up this week and letting me sleep in until 8:40 when you have to leave for work. That little extra sleep goes a looong way! You are the best I love you. 
Dear Ellie: I'm sorry I filled our house to capacity with babysitting these past few weeks. You have become way more whiny and clingy as of late and I know it's because you are overwhelmed. I don't mind the fact that you are being extra snugly though. I am always game for some baby hugs. Just not in the middle of the night, OK. 
Dear Tony Horton: I'm sorry that I have broken up with you as of late. I needed the extra sleep. Really I did. In order to have the maximum level of patience I could not get up at 6:00am. But now that my house won't consist of 6 kids 5 and under I will see you bright and early next week. Unless I decide to cheat on you with Jillian Michaels. 
Dear motivation: What is wrong with you?  You are in a wedding in 26 days. TWENTY-SIX days. Hello?!?! That means you will be standing in front of 200+ people and you have to wear a dress. Not a hoodie and jeans. Get your self together.  
Dear Ellie:  I'm sorry I filled our house to capacity with babysitting these past few weeks. You have become way more whiny and clingy as of late and I know it's because you are overwhelmed. I don't mind the fact that you are being extra snugly though. I am always game for some baby hugs. Just not in the middle of the night, OK. Can you just pop those canine teeth through already? I have a feeling that has something to do with the aforementioned whiny-ness too. I feel for you I really do, I remember what it was like when my wisdom teeth came through and I was pretty whiny too. But thank you for continuing to crack me up and entertain me all day. You are so sweet!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Delicate Darlings GIVEAWAY!

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We make our tutus from premium nylon tulle. We use a MINIMUM of 75 YARDS of tulle, depending on the length you need, for a very full tutu that provides great coverage. The soft, stretchy crocheted top is not only comfortable but also allows for a lot of wear. For example, you could photograph your little one at home, every month in her first year, in the same tutu set and display how much she's grown at her first birthday party! We layer two crocheted tops to keep your little one covered. This also allows for an accent color to show through the outer top, if you choose.

Here are some of our favorite creations:

We can make any custom order for you and are in the process of making festive Fourth of July tutu sets to celebrate Independence day.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I haven't actually sat down to write a post in a while. 
I have all these posts written in my head but never have time to actually type them out. 
Having a house full of kids is certainly keeping me busy. 
I'm babysitting my friends kids a few days a week for a couple weeks so that brings the total child count in our house up to 6. 6 under 5. 
PHEW. Needless to say I've been going to bed pretty early this week. 

The weather has been pretty iffy lately but we have managed to go to the park last week and we went to The Rally in Battle Alley with our church last Sunday. The boys rode their bikes to church and it was pretty chaotic trying to get the rest of us out of the house on time. I was praying the whole way to church I wouldn't get a speeding ticket. 

I can't believe how big Ellie is getting. She is so talkative and has added quite a few words into her vocabulary. 
No no no no, No don't, mine, why, cup, up, nose, buh bye, Hi, mama/mom, dada, kitty, nuh-night...
She cracks me up, She loves playing with her cousins. I think when they move out she is going to be so bored with it just being her and I. 
Which brings me to the fever that I caught about a month ago.
The B-fever. 
No-Not Bieber Fever.
It's worse.
Baby Fever
It seems everywhere I go someone is either pregnant or has a teeny tiny newborn. Sometimes I think I am totally ready for another baby, and then sometimes I break into a cold sweat just thinking about it. 
There is a lot to consider about having another baby. 
But I guess God knows when the time is right and I just have to keep praying for His perfect timing. 
My friend Melissa just had her sweet little boy and I can't wait until Friday when I can go over and bring her dinner and snuggle her little baby. Maybe that will hold me over-for now!

I'm hoping to start keeping up with my blog more, I really like being able to look back at everything we've done and being able to see how much Ellie has grown. I can't believe it's been a year since my first post. I thought Ellie was never going to go to sleep. 
Now I truly miss those nights of snuggling and rocking her to sleep.
It's really made me realize how fast time goes. 
Oh to go back and hold my sweet newborn.