Friday, August 12, 2011


Linking up with Kelly for Show Us Your Life: Wedding showers 
Mike and I were married February 2, 2008 at our home church.
My mom and MOH Rachel threw me a bridal shower about 2 weeks before the wedding.
It was a pretty usual bridal shower. Table of food, delicious cake, fun games, and lots of family!

Carmel Apple Salad-to die for!

I love my Aunts! We had lots of pink and hearts for decorations.

Two of my bridesmaids. My best friend Andrea and MOH my cousin Rachel.

My wonderful Mother.

A friend of ours took a picture for every gift that I opened so when I sent my thank-you cards I could put a picture of me opening their present with a personal thank-you. I loved the idea! And I have all these pictures to remember my shower and all the presents that we were blessed with!

***Don't forget to pray for Abbey***


mel @ the larson lingo said...

that is such a good idea about taking photos of you opening each gift & then using that for the thank you card!

Unknown said...

Now, that's a great idea...take a photo of you opening each gift and than including them in the thank you notes.