Monday, August 1, 2011


Friday afternoon we got back from a week at Gull Lake Ministries. It is a bit of Heaven on Earth....literally :) Ok let me give you a glimpse of what a typical day at Gull Lake consists of...
7:00ish (or whenever the babies wake-up...which Ellie slept till 9:15 one day!!! Be still my heart!) wake up and eat breakfast
8:30 Brown Bag Bible Study Bonanza (Family devotions)
9:30 Family Huddle (where you talk about eh Family Devo you did and the staff are silly and sing songs with the kids)
10:00 Speaker Session I
11:15 Missionary Hour (Different Missionary Associations come and tell you about the work they are doing for the Kingdom)
12:30 Lunch in your cabin (Where you cook, set and clear the table)
1:30-5:00 Free Time (You can ride the zip line, screamer swing, climb the rock wall, swim, crafts, sleep, read, play at the NEW splash park, go bowling, play sports etc etc.
6:00 Theme dinner with everyone at Gull Lake
7:30 Speaker Session II
9:00 Back to Cabin for Games, or down to the Fellowship Center for games/ice cream etc.
11:00-12:00 Bed
Ok once I actually write it all down and read doesn't sound like much of a vacation..BUT IT IS! I love it so much. I have been going for 23 years, and my family has been going for 57! It is such an amazing time to reconnect with family and refuel from the Scriptures for the coming year. And it is SO much fun for the kids! This year my Grandma, Aunt, Brother and family, and Mike, Ellie and I all stayed in a Cabin together and my Uncle Mark and his family was there but they stayed in the hotel.

It is seriously the most amazing family camp that you will EVER find! The staff is made up of college kids who are giving their summer to the Lord to serve other people. They work from 7am-11pm and they do it 6 days a week....WITH A SMILE. It is phenomenal. They are so great with the kids. Ellie was in the nursery at least once a day and she did so well. She did fuss for a little bit but the girls in "Cove Kids" weren't afraid of her :) It was so great to have a break and spend some time interacting with other adults!!!

This was our Cabin Condo, we had the bottom floor. We were obviously roughing it .

Mike climbing the indoor rock wall

Stars and Stripes Theme Dinner, our last night.

Big girl with her sippy cup

She loves the water. The splash park was so much fun!

I love love LOVE the new bathing suit I got for Ellie!

My nephew got brave playing in the water...He seemed to be afraid of the water after my brother (his uncle) dunked him last summer. haha!

Sweet Sleepy Girl

Mike is SUCH a great Uncle. He is always playing with the kids!

Dessert Storm Theme Night...yes that's right...deSSert. Yum!

I love our family vacation, it is so nice for everyone to get together and to spend quality time in The Word as well as have a good time on vacation. Next year my siblings and I will be sharing a Condo so that will be so much fun, we will have plenty of babies running around! I love it!!

Where is your favorite place you vacation?

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