Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Saturday Morning Scene

We got home from vacation yesterday so we have plenty to do this weekend. Thankfully I was smart enough to do laundry at the cabin before we left so I can cross that off the list!!! Coming home from vacation with all clean clothes feels ahhhh-mazing.

This morning we got up with the little one then it was back to bed for everyone at nap time.
So now it's time to actually get ready for the day....because we had TONS of family time this past week so today...grandma is coming over so that Mike and I can go on a date...It's been a couple months. So Olive Garden and "Friends With Benefits" here we come!!!!

What are you going to do today?!?!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm Thinking Wednesdays

Picture Edition

*Why does Target only have this onesie in 3m? Because I neeeeeeed it in 6m.
NEED. IT. So if you find it; please send it my way!
Because it's true. I DO NOT want you to word vomit your UNSOLICITED opinion all over me. Or the guilt trips. Or the comments that are supposed to make me feel bad.
*What is going on with E...she took two horrible naps today that amounted to mayyyyybe 1.5hours and then didn't want to go to bed tonight. So I gave her a (second) bottle and tried to get her to go to sleep and it was a no go. So I put her in her crib and I walked out (with her staring at me crying like I am the worlds worst mom). But I am at my wits end!!!!!!!!
And now that she can do this
She stands and cries and knocks her head on the wood. And I can't not go in there when I hear a thump.
*What is with these moms that let their 14 year old daughters walk around with their butt cheeks HANGING OUT of their  shorts?I don't mean just short shorts, I mean literal cheek hanging out. I passed this one mom at Kohls and wanted to ask the lady if she was her pimp.
*Why are all the stores seemingly out of summer stuff? Really, no water rafts...beach balls...water shoes-yes water shoes. I am aware they are not the most flattering thing you can wear to the beach but I am DEATHLY afraid of the zebra mussels that are in the water. DEATHLY. Ok, really I'm afraid of almost everything that is in the water....but zebra mussels are at the top of the list.
Look harmless? Uhhhhh no. That sucker will slice you.
*Why did J.K. Rowling have to go and finish the Harry Potter books? I saw the last movies last night and I'm not gonna lie...I was really sad when it was over. I must say HP=yummm
*This year has gone by so fast. I remember saying "This time next year (at Gull lake) I will have a 6 or 7 month old" I swear that just do I already have a 7 month old??? Either way I am SO glad to be getting away...where there will be plenty of other people for E to crawl all over...
*I really want to take a spin class at the gym, but I am terrified that it will kick my butt...
because it will...but...

*Says it all:

What are you thinking today?

Monday, July 18, 2011

7 Months

Elle-my-belle my darling daughter,
This has been quite the month for milestones! You are growing and changing every day! I feel like this last month has flown by, I feel like we will be celebrating your 1 year birthday before we know it!

This month
*You weigh 15lbs 9oz
*You eat about every 3 hours and eat 3 "meals" a day
*You are in a SIZE 2 disposable diaper!!!! Even though we only use those when we are on-the-go
*You are in some 3 month clothes, but you can wear some 3-6 month and you even wore a 6 month onesie. GASP!
*You are sleeping from around 7:00pm until around 6:00am and then you eat and most of the time go back to sleep until 7:00-7:30 (except the mornings when mommy reeeeeeallllly wants you to)
*You take more consistent naps now for around1.5-2.5 hours.

You are always on the go. I don't even think you know how to sit still! This month you started crawling on all fours, you learned to sit up, you started pulling yourself up on the furniture, you started climbing all over everything (especially me), AND  you got your first tooth! Phew, I am tired just thinking about all you accomplished this month! You have started standing in your crib, I don't like that. It makes me nervous.
You had your first experience swimming fourth of July weekend, and you loved it!
You have discovered that you can make your hands open and close and you will catch them out of the corner of your eye and then stare at them in amazement while you make them move. It cracks me up. You have started laughing more and are such a smiley girl...when you want to be! Everyone comments one how you are such a serious girl. You don't think you have to smile back just because someone smiles at you, you are very observant and like to take in your surroundings. You don't have much patience, when you want something you want it now. You let us know when you are tired, hungry, done playing in your jumper, or when we aren't feeding you fast enough.
We had a sleepover with your Aunt and cousins last week and you had so much fun playing with climbing all over your cousins. It is going to be so much fun when we all go on vacation with each other!
Looks like someone was napping on their hand!

It is so amazing to watch you change and grow. We love you so much and are excited to see what God has in store for your future. I am so excited to see your personality take shape. You are such a sweet little girl and a wonderful blessing to our lives.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fair time

Every year during the summer my church holds our Sunday service under a pavilion at the fair. This year was hot as balls heck. If I am going to be honest I really didn't pay attention to the service today. Whoops. We sat in the back with the babies because it was super loud up front and I knew there was no way any of them were going to sit still or stay quiet!

My nephew cracks me up

So I sweat like a boy a lot a little so you could tell I was obviously on fire. Awesome.
I sweat when I'm hot, I sweat when I'm cold. I sweat when I'm happy. I sweat when I'm sad. I sweat when I'm glad, I sweat when I'm mad. So pretty much I sweat when I breathe. I have to coordinate my outfits around how much I am going to sweat. I hate it. I want to get botox injections in my armpits so that I don't sweat anymore. It's embarrassing. It's my curse. But that's enough about my misery. 

We went into the Miracle of Birth barn and there were these little piggys

 Did your heart just melt?
I love baby anythings. Anything that is little is automatically adorable!

Ellie was so hot, but I am so surprised she stayed content lying in her stroller. She NEVER  lies down in her stroller. EVER.


My mom took my niece and nephew on a few rides

She promised me she would go on one with me seeing as how my sister is preggo and can't even go on the Ferris Wheel, and my brother and Mike get sick looking at the merry-go-round...but by the time the kids were done we were all too hot and wanted some real food. So we went to a diner instead.
I got hosed!
But she did buy us lunch and we got to sit inside in the air conditioning. Hallelujah. I think the rest of the day will be spent indoors resting.

We will be going on vacation soon! I am so excited...I'm going to start making lists of what all I need to pack. Packing for three people this year is gonna be a bit overwhelming. Plus doing all the grocery shopping for the week!!! But it will all be worth it!

Side note: this morning I woke up to Ellie pissed fussing and I gave it some time to see if she would just go back to sleep. Mike went in and she was sitting up in the corner of her crib so he layed her back down. I went in a little bit later and found her standing up holding onto the side of the crib. No wonder she was so mad, she couldn't get down. Life is going to get a lot harder now that she is mobile. I thought I had more time until she started standing in her crib. ahhhh!!!

Baby Shower

My sister's baby shower was so fun! We had pulled pork sandwiches and BBQ chicken (That's what the mama-to-be has been craving) for lunch and i was AHHHHH-MAZING. We also had potato salad, fresh fruit/dip, strawberry/cream cheese salad, and of course cake!
Pretty mommy-to-be
Prayers for the baby and the new parents 

My gorgeous Sisters (in law)
Parents-to-be. My brother would be chowing down on some pulled pork while they're opening presents!
My sister's cousin is pregnant too! It must be something in the water, I'm going to stay away from whatever well they drink from.

We had such a good time, I can't wait to meet smooch all over the new babies that will be here soon!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Saturday Morning Scene

This is what my morning looks like

This is fruit dip, not ghostbusters slime

But this is what yesterday looked like

 Slip and Slide+Soap=Endless Entertainment

I can't wait to watch them grow up together.
And the best part is there are 2 more little ones on the way!

Now off to get ready to go decorate the church to celebrate at my sisters baby shower! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm Thinking Wednesdays

*I am so excited my sister and her kids are coming over TONIGHT to spend a couple days with me and Ellie...and she is going to help me make decorations for my other sisters baby shower because apparently I can't focus. Did I mention that BOTH  my sisters are pregnant right now? One is due Aug 2 but I am sure will drop any second and the other is due October 1. We are going to have lots of little mini's running around and I am SO excited!
*It is taking forrrrrrrreverrrrrrr for this little tooth in E's little mouth to come all the way up. It's through the gums but I wanna see that puppy in all its glory!
*It is too hot for penguins to be walking around. Ok but really...what is with the 90+ degree weather And where is my pool?
*I am going to be taking Ellie to the Dr because she has had a low grade fever off and on for the past couple days and last time I took her in for a fever they said it was hand foot mouth....which I don't think it was because the fever she will DEFINITELY (I finally spelled it right) have for three days didn't even last a full day. So I am going to be UBER annoyed if I go in and pay $15 for them to say oh it's nothing. If we were going to see her usual Dr I def wouldn't care because he is yummy eye candy and I may or may not have a mini crush on him such a great Dr.
*I am SUPER stoked because my girlfriend got engaged Friday to a wonderful guy who I've known since seventh grade. (Apparently we have a knack for marrying people from high school around here!!) So it is time to start Operation Bridesmaid: Getting Skinny Edition
*July is so frickin busy. This Saturday I'm helping to throw a Baby Shower for my wonderful sister, Next Saturday we leave for vacation for a week, and we've already had super busy weekends the past 2 weeks. When does time slow down?
*I really need to start getting my ideas organized for Ellie's first birthday party. I want it to be awesome! Apparently I need to check out pinterest? I still don't get it.
*We are having our church service at the fair this Sunday, sadly I am most excited for the free admission. It's $10/car and then $$ for whatever you want to do while your there.
*I think it's time to start penny-pinching in this house. I know I am most a part of the problem but it's stressing me out.
*I am so ready for all the good shows to come back on TV. I miss my Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Law and Order SVU, How I Met Your Mother...Don't get me wrong I love me some Drop Dead Diva and Real Housewives of NYC but nothing compares to the fall line-up. Oh my life is sad.....
*I swear Ellie just learned to roll over and now she is crawling, sitting up, climbing, AND pulling herself up on the furniture?? What the heck happened? Didn't I just bring her home from the hospital??? I am so over having mini-mommy-heart attacks every time she tries to pull herself up on the TV stand in fear of her getting a concussion. ok maybe I'm a teensy bit of a worry wart.

She is sad Mike won't give her any of his snack.
Life's so hard when you're a baby.

What are you thinking about this Wednesday?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Going Crazy and A Wedding

I swear I am losing my mind. Yesterday was the weirdest day ever. These were the events of the day:
I took a shower to get ready for the wedding. While I was in there Mike asked me to help get his hair straight. So I got out and hair sprayed/combed his hair then Mike left to meet the groom because they were riding to the wedding together. I got everything around for Ellie to stay at my moms house and packed her (and everything including the kitchen sink) in the car. I planned on getting ready at my moms house so that I had someone to keep Ellie entertained so I could focus on hair/makeup. I drove to my moms house and on a road I've traveled at least once a week for the past 1.5 years I have a mini panic attack because I don't know where I am and can't remember where I'm going. Once I remember where I am going I have to remind myself that just because I know where I'm going now doesn't mean I don't have to stop at stop lights/signs. As soon as I get to my moms house and put E's car seat in the floor-instant hysterics. Awesome. So as I'm trying to put the effing piece of crap pack and play together she's wailing in the background because she doesn't want to be anywhere but my arms. Double awesome. Finally I get the stupid thing put together and my mom gives her a bottle and puts her down for a nap. I proceed to get ready and paint my toe nails. I look over and realize I missed a spot while I was shaving....oh wait I missed 2 spots....wait, what the...I missed a whole freaking LEG! Really? How does that happen? I borrow a razor from my mom and fix the situation and finally head out. I have another mini panic attack on the way there because I'm worried Ellie is going to be freaking out the whole time I'm gone and then I'm driving on a road I've driven on a million times and suddenly don't know where I am or what direction I am heading. I just keep driving and hope that I figure it out. I seriously think that something is wrong with my brain.

I end up at the church forty-stinking-five minutes early and stand around like a goon all by myself. I would have waited in the car but it was 800 degrees out and gas is too expensive to keep it running. After the ceremony I drove to the hall for the reception (which was the same place we had ours...ahh memories) and sat at a table where I didn't know anyone and they were speaking German for the most part. Then they went outside and I was really all alone. When the bridal party got there an hour and a half after I did and after I had a few cocktails in me I started to feel a little less....lonely. Dinner was amazing, and the reception was so much fun. I felt a lot more comfortable once my hottie hubby could come down from the head table and spend time with me. We had a B.L.A.S.T.

These two are so in love it is adorable!

I have to say this was the best garter removal I have ever seen in my entire life. That man has some moves!

Yes ladies, he is all mine!

The boys in their shades.

I can't even put into words how amazing their cake was. I had a chocolate piece that It was fudgy deliciousness

loved loved loved the color scheme and the decorations

Mike and Ryan have been friends since middle school and I met the two of them my freshman year in high school. We go way back!

Congratulations Ryan and Carranda. We had such a fun time celebrating with you!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Saturday Morning Scene

This morning we're just hanging out spending time with Ellie because we have wedding number 2 of 4  for this summer today. Mike is actually in this wedding and other than the bride and groom he's the only one I know, so I'm going to be spending a lot of time alone today :( My mom is taking E overnight (that's a brave lady-she's teething.) so were soaking up some sweet baby time. Little Miss thinks she's big and is starting to climb on stuff. A few seconds after this picture she toppled over and bumped her noggin'. I know there are plenty more falls to come. I have a feeling my nervous mom genes are going to start kicking in. I just love her little cloth diapered butt!


This is her myspace pose

Thank the Lord this wedding is inside, it's hotter than hades out!

What are you doing this wonderful Saturday morning?