Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm Thinking Wednesdays

*I am so excited my sister and her kids are coming over TONIGHT to spend a couple days with me and Ellie...and she is going to help me make decorations for my other sisters baby shower because apparently I can't focus. Did I mention that BOTH  my sisters are pregnant right now? One is due Aug 2 but I am sure will drop any second and the other is due October 1. We are going to have lots of little mini's running around and I am SO excited!
*It is taking forrrrrrrreverrrrrrr for this little tooth in E's little mouth to come all the way up. It's through the gums but I wanna see that puppy in all its glory!
*It is too hot for penguins to be walking around. Ok but really...what is with the 90+ degree weather And where is my pool?
*I am going to be taking Ellie to the Dr because she has had a low grade fever off and on for the past couple days and last time I took her in for a fever they said it was hand foot mouth....which I don't think it was because the fever she will DEFINITELY (I finally spelled it right) have for three days didn't even last a full day. So I am going to be UBER annoyed if I go in and pay $15 for them to say oh it's nothing. If we were going to see her usual Dr I def wouldn't care because he is yummy eye candy and I may or may not have a mini crush on him such a great Dr.
*I am SUPER stoked because my girlfriend got engaged Friday to a wonderful guy who I've known since seventh grade. (Apparently we have a knack for marrying people from high school around here!!) So it is time to start Operation Bridesmaid: Getting Skinny Edition
*July is so frickin busy. This Saturday I'm helping to throw a Baby Shower for my wonderful sister, Next Saturday we leave for vacation for a week, and we've already had super busy weekends the past 2 weeks. When does time slow down?
*I really need to start getting my ideas organized for Ellie's first birthday party. I want it to be awesome! Apparently I need to check out pinterest? I still don't get it.
*We are having our church service at the fair this Sunday, sadly I am most excited for the free admission. It's $10/car and then $$ for whatever you want to do while your there.
*I think it's time to start penny-pinching in this house. I know I am most a part of the problem but it's stressing me out.
*I am so ready for all the good shows to come back on TV. I miss my Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Law and Order SVU, How I Met Your Mother...Don't get me wrong I love me some Drop Dead Diva and Real Housewives of NYC but nothing compares to the fall line-up. Oh my life is sad.....
*I swear Ellie just learned to roll over and now she is crawling, sitting up, climbing, AND pulling herself up on the furniture?? What the heck happened? Didn't I just bring her home from the hospital??? I am so over having mini-mommy-heart attacks every time she tries to pull herself up on the TV stand in fear of her getting a concussion. ok maybe I'm a teensy bit of a worry wart.

She is sad Mike won't give her any of his snack.
Life's so hard when you're a baby.

What are you thinking about this Wednesday?

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