Friday, September 30, 2011


This morning I'm linking up with Kelly for this Firda's Show Us Your Life:
Where do you shop for kids
I like Ellie to look cute anytime we go somewhere. Because let's face it, sometimes I'm just wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, so one of us has to look put together!!

 I typically shop for Ellie at all the usual places:
*Target-That's where I found this amazing onesie and this adorable tutu dress.

*Children's Place-the have the best jeggings. I have bought a pair in EVERY size. They go with anything, Sometimes I get so sick of pink/purple/brown pants with ruffles on the butt.

*Meijer-yes, Meijer. They have a lot of Carter's stuff for about half the price. We typically get pajamas and holiday themed outfits there.

*Babies R Us-they have amazing deals on their clearance stuff. I got a 3-piece set for $5!
And to be completely honest I have bought a lot of her stuff from mom2mom sales. I have found some really great outfits there, for an amazing price. Ellie is on the dainty size so none of her clothes have fit her like we thought they woul.d I have to buy her a complete new wardrobe for fall/winter because she is almost 10 months and is in 6 month clothes.
{She doesn't get that from me!!}

I got all of Ellie's adorable headbamds from Etsy.
SO affordable. I got 10 crocheted headbands with 15 flowers for $20. She often fors $1 bow sales. An entire headband for $2?? You can't find that anywhere check her out!

If I had all the money in the world I would buy a lot of her clothes from Etsy. I love handmade stuff. And I like having outfits that you don't see everyone else wearing.

Do you have any good shops with good deals??
I'm in the market for some baby clothes shopping!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Business Smarts

It is seriously one of those weeks.
You know
One of those weeks where weird stuff keeps happening to you
or you keep seeing weird stuff.
Like this weirdo yesterday at the gym.

I saw this business yesterday on the way home from the gym and thought I was for sure seeing things

So today on the way home I paid attention to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me
::They weren't::

Did someone really do that intentionally???
Servicing group???
Pretty sure I don't want a part of whatever business they are involved with.
and I def don't want their "Services".
Whoever told them that was a good business name should be fired.
Or maybe they are a marketing genius.
Either way they can keep their STD's to themselves!

Have you ever seen anything like this that made you do a double take?!?!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I'm Thinking Wednesday

*What is with the weirdos at the gym?? Today while I ran 3 miles walked on the treadmill there was a guy in front of me on the elliptical who was in full fat burning mode. He had his towel draped around his neck...and he was sucking/chewing on the corner of it (this guy obviously has a blankie at home)...weird but that wasn't it. Then he kept periodically slapping himself on the butt. At first I thought maybe I was mistaken and he was just wiping the sweat off his hands but no-he did it again it was was two handed multiple s.l.a.p.s.
Maybe he is his own personal trainer and that's how he gets his mojo goin.
Who am I to judge?
{I don't think the 80 year old woman next to me appreciated it though...on second thought maybe she did???}
*I am really confused as to how I need to lose like 80lbs. Ok so I'm not confused, I ate too much pizza and Ben and Jerry's Half Baked. I really am shocked in denial when I see myself in pictures. That can't be me! Who's that fatty?
how did this happen???
I don't want to diet and work out, I want to wake up skinny.
Where are you skinny self?
*I am re-reading The Shack for the second third fourth (?) time and it is just as amazing as the first. I love it. I was reading it on the treadmill at the gym and had to close it because I got so choked up.
God is so good. 
*It's funny how in the spring if it's 60* we think "YESSSSSS I'm gonna go outside and go for a walk"
...but in the fall we think...
 "BRRRRR I'm staying inside where it's warm"
I am so unprepared for what is about to happen
*Evidently E is over the puree game, and is way past the fruit/veggie finger food stage.
This girl wants a M.E.A.L. She demolished half a grilled cheese for lunch today. I have to start cooking??? What do I feed a 9.5 month old?? Thank God for this site.
*I am so excited for fall and all the super delicious pumpkin recipes that I've seen on Pinterest
::Oh wait I'm on a diet::
scratch that
*I am so excited for fall and all that the leaves are going to start falling changing soon. This is Ellie's first fall and we have plans to go to a cider mill next weekend. I am so excited for her first Thanksgiving. I have a feelin she's gonna be diggin all the food.
I am going to put her in a pumpkin. I am quite certain she will hate it. But it will make an adorable picture!!
(Pictures from Pinterest-unfortunately the links didn't take me to the site they are from :{ )
Is this not the cutest thing EVER??

What are you thinking about this cold and wet Wednesday??

Monday, September 26, 2011

Let's Talk About...

Cloth Diapers
I know what you're thinking: GROSS.
And you would be right.
Is it gross-er than disposables?
Is it totally worth it?
Definitely, Yes.
When I was pregnant I bragged about how I was going to use Cloth Diapers and how it wasn't a big deal blah blah blah
Then I pushed out a baby and started singing a different tune. It took me a few months to get up the courage to start using them but once I got the hang of it I realized how EASY they are!!!
Even my hubs changes Ellie's cloth diapers...and happily uses the sprayer!

I love using cloth diapers. Most of the time. This afternoon-not so much. Ellie is teething and I'm pretty sure it's doing a number on her stomach so I was really reconsidering my cloth diapering stance while I was hunched over the toilet spraying off a particularly gross insert.

We started using cloth diapers when Ellie was about 3 months and started using them pretty exclusively when she was 4 months. We use them the majority of the time; except overnight. I don't have any hemp or doubler inserts so we just use disposable overnight.

Look at that adorable little booty!!!

The first cloth diapering system we tried was Econobum by the makers of BumGenius.
One kit comes with 3 white covers and 12 prefolds and typically costs $49.95 so for under $100.00 you could have a whole CDing system. These diapers are made to grow with your baby and the problem we ran into was that Ellie was too small and the prefolds were too big. We even tried folding the prefolds like a regular cloth diaper and she looked like she was wearing diaper shorts.  
We decided these weren't going to work for us so ended up getting the Flip System. One kit comes with 2 covers (you choose the colors) and 6 inserts and can take your kid from birth thru potty training. (Depending on the size of your kid-they go up to about 35lbs) You can choose velcro or snap closures. (I would go with snaps, velcro wears easy in the wash and toddlers can figure out velcro easily and I don't want to wake up to a poop mural on the wall) We bought 4 kits. And I L.O.V.E. them!!!
 Ok I love them as much as anyone can love CDing.

If you're going to Cloth Diaper (which you totally can-I have faith in you) here's some good advice
1} Don't buy the cheapest option-trust me I know and am out $100.00. They can be re-used for more than one kid so think of it as an investment.
2} Get yourself a diaper sprayer. Best $50 I ever spent. If you are exclusively breastfeeding you won't need a sprayer until you introduce solids/formula. You can throw that sh!t (LITEREALLY) right into the washer.
My mom calls me a "princess" because I have a sprayer but I am not going to be sticking my hands in poopy water to rinse off a dipaer. No Ma'am.
3} Do the wash every 2 days-3max. (I use Shaklee-because Shaklee is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.) If it is nice outside hand your inserts/prefolds/diapers outside. The sun will naturally bleach them for you.
How kind!
4} Dry Pail, Wet Pail?? DRY PAIL for me, that stale water stanks after adding a few diapers.
5} Get a good diaper pail. I use a garbage pail with a touch lid and mesh laundry bags that I can just throw right into the wash. There are diaper liners out there, but it wasn't something I splurged on.
6} Have diaper cream that is compatible with cloth diapers, you don't want to mess with the absorbancy.

Even though we still use disposables when we are out and about or at night we have still saved a TON of money using our cloth diapers. I plan on using them with all my kids and am glad I got up the courage to tackle them!

Here is a really great site with a lot of good info.
I am seriously considering using cloth wipes while I'm at home.
Gotta save that $$!!
Go here and here  for some FAQ's and some more info.

Do you have any tips or questions about using Cloth Diapers??

Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend Plans

I can't believe that next Saturday is O.C.T.O.B.E.R!!! But I'm not complaining because October is by far the best month e.v.e.r.
It's insane how fast September has gone by. It's going to be Christmas before we know it
It is very important that I inform you that my birthday is exactly a month away.
So you have adequate time to get me a present.

Tomorrow I am doing some cleaning around the house and we are FINALLY going to hang some decorations on the walls. I'm sick of feeling like I'm living in purgatory just waiting for my life to start.
We want to move next year so I kept thinking what's the point in painting or putting holes in the wall but darn it I'm ready to make this house into a home.

And then the hubs and I are going to the golf dome so he teach me how to hit golf balls so we can go golfing together next summer.
...I'm not so sure...
I hate put-put so I can only imagine how I will feel about golf-but for him I will do this.

Wish me luck-hopefully we will both make it out alive!!!

I'm sure this will be us

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9 Months

9 months.9 MONTHS.
9 M.O.N.T.H.S.!!!!
I can not believe that 9 months have already flown by! It seems like just yesterday I was carrying you around in my belly, and now you can get around all on your own!!! I can't believe it! We only have 3 short...very short...months until your birthday. You will be 1 before we know it! But for now I am going to cherish the fact that you are still my little baby.

This month:
*You weigh 18lbs 6.5oz
*You have 4 bottles a day 7:00am 10:00am 3:00pm 7:00-7:30ishpm. You have 3 "meals" a day
*You are in a size 2 disposable, but we still are using mostly cloth diapers
*You have a few 3 month onesies and pants that fit, but for the most part we've moved you into 6 month clothes
*You go to bed around 7:30 and sleep until around 7:00am, take a bottle and go back down until 8:00-8:30
*You take two naps a day and sleep from 1-2.5 hours

::This is what our photo sessions are like these days::

This month we went to the Zoo with Grandma and your cousins. You did so well!

You met your Aunt Shannon this month and had so much fun playing with her.

You feeding yourself so most of your meals consist of finger foods.

I just can't believe how big your getting, you walk around the furniture and love to be down on the ground playing. The only time we can get you to sit still is when we are giving you a bottle...and even then you get so distracted!!!
You are such a sweet little girl and fill our lives with so much joy. We are so blessed that God gave you to us. The other day I was watching you play and tears filled my eyes, it seems like the days are flying by and I know one day you won't be my "little" girl anymore. One day it won't just be you and I any more. You will be my "big" girl helping me with your little brothers and sisters. I want to spend these days cherishing how little you are and all the new experiences that we are sharing together.
Eleanor Ruth I can't even express how much we love you.


Zephaniah 3:17
"The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing."

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Memories Contest Winner

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cousins Are The Best

My family is pretty amazing. My siblings are definitely my best friends. My mom is one of five so I have a ton of cousins, there are 18 of us to be exact. And she and her siblings were lucky generous enough to plan their pregnancies so that we all have at least one cousin who is our age.
(Except for the last few....they had to fend for themselves.)
 Every year we all went on vacation together at Gull Lake Ministries and we owned the youth group!
We could play a mean game of nuk'em.
My Cousin Rachel was my best friend growing up. She is gorgeous. Inside and out. Sweetest most bubbly person I know.
....I told you....

When we were younger Every one would always ask us if we were sisters and we would just giggle. We always had the best time when we hung out and had some of the most hilarious inside jokes. I love that girl!
We're pretty different and had our fair share of squabbles when we were little but that didn't keep us apart. She was my maid of honor when I got married and I was so honored that she stood next to me.

Having such an amazing relationship with my cousins makes me want that for my kids. Which is why I am so happy that my siblings and I are all having babies that are close in age!!! My niece is 5, my nephew is 2 and their newest little nugget is 6 weeks. My mini is 9 months and my sister is due Oct 1 with their first!!!
I mentioned we were going to the zoo last weekend and here are some cute cousin pics.

The infamous fountain that sparks a never ending debate of what two animals are standing under the water. 

This past week I spent a few days at my sister's house to help her out with the little one's since she had a baby not too long ago, and Lord knows us mama's need a break now and then!!! Ellie loved playing with her cousins and her and Jackson are best buds.

"You better check yourself"
Sharing is caring.  
What are you doing back there? You better back up off me!
I am so thankful that I have a close family and we can depend on each other no matter what is going on or time it is; because at the end of the day blood is thicker than water and family is all you've got.

I am so excited to watch our kids grow up together and I pray they come to have amazing relationships with each other like the ones I have with my cousins.

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