Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I'm Thinking Wednesday

*What is with the weirdos at the gym?? Today while I ran 3 miles walked on the treadmill there was a guy in front of me on the elliptical who was in full fat burning mode. He had his towel draped around his neck...and he was sucking/chewing on the corner of it (this guy obviously has a blankie at home)...weird but that wasn't it. Then he kept periodically slapping himself on the butt. At first I thought maybe I was mistaken and he was just wiping the sweat off his hands but no-he did it again it was was two handed multiple s.l.a.p.s.
Maybe he is his own personal trainer and that's how he gets his mojo goin.
Who am I to judge?
{I don't think the 80 year old woman next to me appreciated it though...on second thought maybe she did???}
*I am really confused as to how I need to lose like 80lbs. Ok so I'm not confused, I ate too much pizza and Ben and Jerry's Half Baked. I really am shocked in denial when I see myself in pictures. That can't be me! Who's that fatty?
how did this happen???
I don't want to diet and work out, I want to wake up skinny.
Where are you skinny self?
*I am re-reading The Shack for the second third fourth (?) time and it is just as amazing as the first. I love it. I was reading it on the treadmill at the gym and had to close it because I got so choked up.
God is so good. 
*It's funny how in the spring if it's 60* we think "YESSSSSS I'm gonna go outside and go for a walk"
...but in the fall we think...
 "BRRRRR I'm staying inside where it's warm"
I am so unprepared for what is about to happen
*Evidently E is over the puree game, and is way past the fruit/veggie finger food stage.
This girl wants a M.E.A.L. She demolished half a grilled cheese for lunch today. I have to start cooking??? What do I feed a 9.5 month old?? Thank God for this site.
*I am so excited for fall and all the super delicious pumpkin recipes that I've seen on Pinterest
::Oh wait I'm on a diet::
scratch that
*I am so excited for fall and all that the leaves are going to start falling changing soon. This is Ellie's first fall and we have plans to go to a cider mill next weekend. I am so excited for her first Thanksgiving. I have a feelin she's gonna be diggin all the food.
I am going to put her in a pumpkin. I am quite certain she will hate it. But it will make an adorable picture!!
(Pictures from Pinterest-unfortunately the links didn't take me to the site they are from :{ )
Is this not the cutest thing EVER??

What are you thinking about this cold and wet Wednesday??


Ashley S. said...

Well, its bright, sunny and 80 degrees in MO, so my Emma and I went to the park today and did a little shopping with my sister :) But, it was rainy and gross last week if that's any consolation! :) I love the pictures from Pinterest. Did you know that have a way you can post them to your blog and it provides the link? It's really easy! It's too the right of the picture and it says, "embed". It will give you a code, so you can put it on your blog. I just thought I'd give you a little heads up :)

P.S. That guy at the gym sounds crazy! Reason #27 Why I Prefer To Run Outdoors :)

Tami said...

Coffee seriously almost went out my nose after reading about your "friend" at the gym. What a weirdo!