Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Friday Friday

Gotta get down on Friday
This little diddy always makes it into my brain on Fridays.

So a friend from church got married up north Labor Day weekend and they are having a picnic reception this Saturday. I asked what time the party was and his mom said it starts at 4 and goes till whenever. I thought I would be funny and ask if I should bring a KEG, because they are def not the drinking kind, and apparently she heard CAKE and said "yeah, that would be great!!"
Wait what???
You see, I am the dessert lady. I dabbled in cake decorating before I got pregnant so everyone asks me to bring a cake or dessert whenever we have a get together.

So here I am making 48 cupcakes, which doesn't sound so bad, except Ellie is terrified of the mixer so I have to do this all while she is napping. And I would rather be napping.
I'm done making jokes about booze.
Jokes on me.

We have a squirrel that lives in our backyard and has a special relationship with our fence. Evidently it can't find a squirrel boyfriend or girlfriend to its needs. Maybe it's tail isn't fluffy enough for the other squirrels around town.
Come on-this is a family neighborhood, let's keep it clean. 

Ellie is in the midst of getting one of her top teeth. Lovely. This morning-due to a lack of sleep I'm sure-I was thinking how great it would be if babies we just born with all their teeth. I quickly decided that was a bad idea because I'm sure by this point I would be left with half a nip. 

I don't understand how something so little and pretty can create such a stink. It just lingers in her room forever. It honestly makes me rethink this whole cloth diapering thing we have going on. She doesn't get it from me, because me-well I crap roses.

I'm going to the ZdoubleO tomorrow with my mom, niece, nephew and little E. Hopefully it doesn't rain. I'm a little nervous because we are outnumbered and will be missing E's morning nap in its entirety, and I will be the one pulling around the wagon with the older kids int it. That's considered exercise right?? So tomorrow could be really fun...or really horrible.

My MIL took this photo Monday
Seriously melts my heart
I love these two.

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