Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Michigan I thought that we came to an agreement about the weather. We talked about this last week when you gave us amazing 80* days. So what is with this 40* crap that you have sent our way this week?? Get it together I have big plans for this spring.I expect more from you next week.
Dear Tony Horton why do you make me workout so hard to have a killer bod? Your p90x is going to be the death of me. I am going to buy stock in Motrin for all the parts of me that are sore this week. I better see some banging results in 90 days or we are going to have a Little chat.
Dear Ellie Why are you so sweet? You are at such a fun stage and I love watching you learn and grow. You crack me up. Please stay out of the DVDS you know your dad has them in order and goes into an OCD panic attack when they aren't where they are supposed to be. And don't be such a daredevil, you are going to crack your head open if you don't stop climbing onto the fireplace ledge and standing up on all of your toys. Keep on dancing, you provide endless entertainment for everyone!

Dear Dr Pepper Cherry why oh why do you taste so good. You are chocked full of crabs and sugar but you are just so inviting. Please stop taunting me at the grocery store and convincing me to buy you.

Have an amazing weekend!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Michigan I think that you are a little confused. It is MARCH not MAY. But I won't complain. I am however a little nervous about what you have in store for this summer if you are going to be this hot already. However; thank you for the amazing weather that you are giving us. We are really enjoying spending time outdoors, we just cant wait for the splash park to open!
Dear Jillian Michaels I don't like you. I don't like 30 day shred. Can't I just sit on the couch and watch you work out and end up with a hot bod and killer abs? No?
I will see you on Monday.
Dear Husband How is it we live in the same house and I feel like I haven't seen you all week. I miss you. Can we spend some time together snuggling this weekend??
Dear Ears I know it has been quite the adjustment with all the new noise that we have had this week. Going from one kid to four is a pretty big change.  I told you that you will adjust. Be warned, tt isn't going to be getting any quieter any time soon.
Dear Ellie We are almost out of the croupy woods. I am going to put you in a bubble for the rest of the year so you can't get sick again. Momma wants to go back to the gym. You have been cracking me up with all your crazy dance moves, I think you have more rhythm that I do! Thanks for helping us unpack boxes this week. You are just too sweet.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

She's got Rhythm

I think I'm in trouble.
Ellie loves to dance. Every time I pick her up from the nursery at church they tell me how she was just constantly bopping around wiggling and dancing. I think she constantly has a song playing in her head. She can find the rhythm in anything. I mean anything. We were playing Scattergories at my brother's house one night and she was dancing to the "tick-tick-tick" of the timer. She will bop back and forth to the sound of our printer, she was even dancing to the noise of my husband revving his motorcycle engine.
My sister says she is going to be our little musical prodigy like August Rush because she can find the music in anything.

I think we are going to hat to put her in dance once she is old enough.
I can already hear my bank account crying.

She does this thing we call the wiggle walk. While she is walking she shakes her hips side to side so it looks like she's dancing while she walks. She also does this hilarious side-step thing where she will step one foot tot he side and drag the other one until her feet are together. My husband got this video this weekend while I was out of town helping my brother and sister pack up their house to move in with us. I about peed my pants when I saw it.

I just love her so much!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday's Letters

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Dear Husband: Thank you for parking behind me last night and riding your bike to work and taking your car keys with you and refusing to answer either of your phones so I am trapped in the garage and had to cancel Ellie's Dr. appointment this morning. Even though I am uber annoyed I still love you and you are such an amazing dad!

Dear Ellie: Can we please stop getting colds so that we can rejoin the real world and venture outside of our house again sometime this year?!? I would love to take you to the park! But thank you for being so sweet and still in such a good mood while you are all croupy. You melt my heart.

Dear Ears: Please prepare for the dramatic increase in noise level that we are about to experience on a regular basis once another family with three kids moves in with us. I promise you will adjust.
Dear Weather: Please try to make up your mind and stick with this gorgeous weather. I have a lot of plans for this spring and I am not in the mood to have you ruin them with a snowstorm.

Dear iPhone: I love you. I have missed you. I am so glad you have returned to me. But I do not appreciate keeping me up until 2:00 last night playing Cross Fingers. We are going to have to come to some sort of agreement with how long you make me play your enticing games.

Happy Friday, I hope you're weekend is beautiful!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

Ellie has croup so I am once again quarantined to my house.
Which means no gym. No pilates. No GEMS. No Bible study.
And a poor sweet girl with a bad cough and a runny nose. Night time has not been fun at our house.
I am going to put her in a bubble so we don't get sick anymore this year.
The weather has been so nice this week so I did take her outside a little bit and she loved it.
She just took off running all over the yard and the sneaky little girl kept eating sticks.
That counts as fiber right?

Our flowers are starting to bloom, I guess that means it's time to start thinking about moving plants from the backyard to the front flower boxes to add some curb appeal to our house.
Anyone wanna buy it??

Ellie has an obsession with picking all the fuzzies off my socks. She will sit there for 10 minutes just picking away. Whatever keeps them occupied right?

We have finally reentered the grown up world and purchased iPhones. This is the third time we have broke contract in two years. Probably not a good choice, but this time we are sticking it out for the next two years. I think the hubs just got sick of hearing me whine and I got sick of hearing my siblings talk about words with friends. Which was the first app I downloaded. I love it! Except my sister keeps kicking my A on it!
So who has some suggestions for good apps to download?!?

We have about a month until our first Mom2Mom sale where we will be selling some homemade goodies. Time to get to work! Our company name is Delicate Darlings. We have an etsy shop but don't have anything up for sale yet.
 I got a huge shipment of tulle today and I am so excited!!
Were going to make tutu dresses and tulle dresses. They are adorable!

I finally finished my frame for Ellie's flowers and bows, I think I am going to add some fabric though.
Do you think these will be good sellers??

My sister and her 3 kids move in this weekend so I am enjoying the last few days I have of moderate silence. I am so excited to have them here and to be able to watch my nieces and nephew grow up. It sucked having them live on the other side of the state. My other sister says she's jealous because now I will have a sister wife to help me around the house. haha. I'm just excited to have someone to eat dinner with, it can get lonely with the hubs working so many hours.

As excited as I am for the nicer weather I just remembered that I don't have any spring/summer clothes that I fit into and I have a wedding that I am in that is THREE MONTHS AWAY.
Did I mention that I haven't even tried on a bridesmaid dress.
 Procrastinate much??
My sister and I will be starting p90x Monday because I really need to kick it into gear. I know skinny Michelle is hiding in here somewhere, I just have to find her and get her out!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes I get really into going to the gym, working out, and eating healthy
Always Something comes up or Ellie ends up getting sick and I have to take a week or two off from going to the gym and lose motivation

Sometimes I want to paint out house
Always I remember what's the point if we want to move anyway

Sometimes I say we need to stop spending money
Always I going out to eat

Sometimes I want to stay in bed and sleep all day
Always I remember that I have a 15 month old to get up and play with

Sometimes When Ellie wakes up in the middle of the night I get cranky and can be snippy with Mike
Always try to be nice and always apologize for my crankiness

Sometimes I hate talking on the phone
Always I will send you to voicemail and text you back

Sometimes I get nervous thinking about going into business with my this what God wants us to do?
Always I get really excited thinking about it and trust God will close doors if He doesn't want us to invest further

Thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Full House

I've spent this week wiping runny noses.
Both mine and Ellie's.
And I'm pretty sure I'm being more of a baby than she is.
I haven't been sick since before Ellie was born.
Whenever I am sick I always realize how much I take for granted being healthy.
Being able to breathe through my nose.
Or getting a good nights rest. 
 It's been the perfect week to be sick though. Mike is on spring break so he is working less hours this week so he's home more to help out with Ellie.
I'm thinking that this cold has something to do with stress and being run down.

Sunday my brother moved in with us.
Soon to be followed by the rest of his family.
A total of 5 people with 3 kids 5 and under.
It's gonna be a full house.
He was living on the other side of the state and we have been praying he would find a job over here so we could all live by each other and God was faithful and he started his new job Monday! So they are going to live with us until they find a place of their own over here.

The stress doesn't come from them moving in with us, but having to get our house ready for them.
The upstairs is pretty much just forgotten about. We have no reason to go up there, so we never do.
The closets were filled with clothes that I'm hoping to fit back into, purses I no longer use, shoes I haven't worn, and a hodge-podge of bedroom furniture that has been given to us over the years. Our front living room is the home to extra furniture and baby items we are no longer using so that had to be cleared out. Needless to say I am so ready for garage sale season so that I can sell a ton of stuff.
I'm glad that this is lighting a fire under me to get everything organized and put away.
I just wish I didn't have to catch a cold in the midst of everything.
And to top it all off I missed the first week of our Beth Moore Bible study at church.
I'm making the decorations and cupcakes for a baby shower on Saturday so hopefully this cold is gone by tomorrow!!