Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

Ellie has croup so I am once again quarantined to my house.
Which means no gym. No pilates. No GEMS. No Bible study.
And a poor sweet girl with a bad cough and a runny nose. Night time has not been fun at our house.
I am going to put her in a bubble so we don't get sick anymore this year.
The weather has been so nice this week so I did take her outside a little bit and she loved it.
She just took off running all over the yard and the sneaky little girl kept eating sticks.
That counts as fiber right?

Our flowers are starting to bloom, I guess that means it's time to start thinking about moving plants from the backyard to the front flower boxes to add some curb appeal to our house.
Anyone wanna buy it??

Ellie has an obsession with picking all the fuzzies off my socks. She will sit there for 10 minutes just picking away. Whatever keeps them occupied right?

We have finally reentered the grown up world and purchased iPhones. This is the third time we have broke contract in two years. Probably not a good choice, but this time we are sticking it out for the next two years. I think the hubs just got sick of hearing me whine and I got sick of hearing my siblings talk about words with friends. Which was the first app I downloaded. I love it! Except my sister keeps kicking my A on it!
So who has some suggestions for good apps to download?!?

We have about a month until our first Mom2Mom sale where we will be selling some homemade goodies. Time to get to work! Our company name is Delicate Darlings. We have an etsy shop but don't have anything up for sale yet.
 I got a huge shipment of tulle today and I am so excited!!
Were going to make tutu dresses and tulle dresses. They are adorable!

I finally finished my frame for Ellie's flowers and bows, I think I am going to add some fabric though.
Do you think these will be good sellers??

My sister and her 3 kids move in this weekend so I am enjoying the last few days I have of moderate silence. I am so excited to have them here and to be able to watch my nieces and nephew grow up. It sucked having them live on the other side of the state. My other sister says she's jealous because now I will have a sister wife to help me around the house. haha. I'm just excited to have someone to eat dinner with, it can get lonely with the hubs working so many hours.

As excited as I am for the nicer weather I just remembered that I don't have any spring/summer clothes that I fit into and I have a wedding that I am in that is THREE MONTHS AWAY.
Did I mention that I haven't even tried on a bridesmaid dress.
 Procrastinate much??
My sister and I will be starting p90x Monday because I really need to kick it into gear. I know skinny Michelle is hiding in here somewhere, I just have to find her and get her out!!

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