Monday, September 26, 2011

Let's Talk About...

Cloth Diapers
I know what you're thinking: GROSS.
And you would be right.
Is it gross-er than disposables?
Is it totally worth it?
Definitely, Yes.
When I was pregnant I bragged about how I was going to use Cloth Diapers and how it wasn't a big deal blah blah blah
Then I pushed out a baby and started singing a different tune. It took me a few months to get up the courage to start using them but once I got the hang of it I realized how EASY they are!!!
Even my hubs changes Ellie's cloth diapers...and happily uses the sprayer!

I love using cloth diapers. Most of the time. This afternoon-not so much. Ellie is teething and I'm pretty sure it's doing a number on her stomach so I was really reconsidering my cloth diapering stance while I was hunched over the toilet spraying off a particularly gross insert.

We started using cloth diapers when Ellie was about 3 months and started using them pretty exclusively when she was 4 months. We use them the majority of the time; except overnight. I don't have any hemp or doubler inserts so we just use disposable overnight.

Look at that adorable little booty!!!

The first cloth diapering system we tried was Econobum by the makers of BumGenius.
One kit comes with 3 white covers and 12 prefolds and typically costs $49.95 so for under $100.00 you could have a whole CDing system. These diapers are made to grow with your baby and the problem we ran into was that Ellie was too small and the prefolds were too big. We even tried folding the prefolds like a regular cloth diaper and she looked like she was wearing diaper shorts.  
We decided these weren't going to work for us so ended up getting the Flip System. One kit comes with 2 covers (you choose the colors) and 6 inserts and can take your kid from birth thru potty training. (Depending on the size of your kid-they go up to about 35lbs) You can choose velcro or snap closures. (I would go with snaps, velcro wears easy in the wash and toddlers can figure out velcro easily and I don't want to wake up to a poop mural on the wall) We bought 4 kits. And I L.O.V.E. them!!!
 Ok I love them as much as anyone can love CDing.

If you're going to Cloth Diaper (which you totally can-I have faith in you) here's some good advice
1} Don't buy the cheapest option-trust me I know and am out $100.00. They can be re-used for more than one kid so think of it as an investment.
2} Get yourself a diaper sprayer. Best $50 I ever spent. If you are exclusively breastfeeding you won't need a sprayer until you introduce solids/formula. You can throw that sh!t (LITEREALLY) right into the washer.
My mom calls me a "princess" because I have a sprayer but I am not going to be sticking my hands in poopy water to rinse off a dipaer. No Ma'am.
3} Do the wash every 2 days-3max. (I use Shaklee-because Shaklee is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.) If it is nice outside hand your inserts/prefolds/diapers outside. The sun will naturally bleach them for you.
How kind!
4} Dry Pail, Wet Pail?? DRY PAIL for me, that stale water stanks after adding a few diapers.
5} Get a good diaper pail. I use a garbage pail with a touch lid and mesh laundry bags that I can just throw right into the wash. There are diaper liners out there, but it wasn't something I splurged on.
6} Have diaper cream that is compatible with cloth diapers, you don't want to mess with the absorbancy.

Even though we still use disposables when we are out and about or at night we have still saved a TON of money using our cloth diapers. I plan on using them with all my kids and am glad I got up the courage to tackle them!

Here is a really great site with a lot of good info.
I am seriously considering using cloth wipes while I'm at home.
Gotta save that $$!!
Go here and here  for some FAQ's and some more info.

Do you have any tips or questions about using Cloth Diapers??

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Kelly said...

We also cloth diaper - for over a year now, almost 100% exclusive (unless we forget to wash the diapers and run out). I bought cheap, thin washcloths at babys r us or target ( that I use as wipes, I found a wipe solution online and we just spray it on the wipe (we have a spray bottle at home and one in the diaper bag), then wash the wipes with the diapers - easy peasy!
These are the diapers we use -