Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stage 5 Clinger

These past few days E has been so clingy. If I sit on the floor to play with her she's crawling/climbing all over me. If I sit on the couch she is fussing at my feet, but if I pick her up she's wiggling to get down and play with her toys, but if I put her down....well you get the picture.
If I put her in her exersaucer/highchair/crib/ she freaks out. I don't mean just whining or fussing, the poor girls voice is getting hoarse because she is crying so hard. I even had to break out the sling yesterday just so I could wash some dishes. Normally she is pretty partial to me, but these past few days have been ridiculous. And on top of it all she doesn't want to take a bottle; but she's so distracted when she's nursing it's hard to get her to eat. Tonight was the first night that she nursed to sleep in months. So I don't know if she just wants the extra comfort or what but it's getting hard to have another human hanging and whining on me almost 24/7. We have a wedding to go to this Saturday and E is staying at my mom's house and I am super nervous that she is going to lose her mind the whole time, and not want to take a bottle. AHHHHHHH!!!! Ok so that was my vent for today's frustrations. Now do not mistake any of this as I don't love/care about my daughter. I love her bigger than the world, but when you're home alone 99% of the time and don't have a free minute...things can get overwhelming.
Are most babies like this when they are teething? How do you handle teething/stage 5 clingers?

She did give me one spare minute today while she was behind bars in her crib 

whoops, back to fussing

So today was my mom's birthday so her and my sister came over for dinner. We had chicken with cheese/salsa and carrots (I suck I forgot the apple cinnamon muffins-FAIL) and my sister brought raspberry and blackberry Cabernet sorbet with frozen fruit for dessert and holy moly it was delish. I convinced my sister that she didn't have enough stuff on her baby registry so tomorrow we're going to meet up to hit babies'r'us and target to add some goodies...I'll just have to leave my wallet in the car

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the workaholic momma said...

I've heard the clingy-ness is totally normal at her age - we've been through some of that with Addie but I think she's starting to grow out of it. But it really does make it so hard to get anything done!!! Hope you're week gets better:)