Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm Thinking Wednesdays

Picture Edition

*Why does Target only have this onesie in 3m? Because I neeeeeeed it in 6m.
NEED. IT. So if you find it; please send it my way!
Because it's true. I DO NOT want you to word vomit your UNSOLICITED opinion all over me. Or the guilt trips. Or the comments that are supposed to make me feel bad.
*What is going on with E...she took two horrible naps today that amounted to mayyyyybe 1.5hours and then didn't want to go to bed tonight. So I gave her a (second) bottle and tried to get her to go to sleep and it was a no go. So I put her in her crib and I walked out (with her staring at me crying like I am the worlds worst mom). But I am at my wits end!!!!!!!!
And now that she can do this
She stands and cries and knocks her head on the wood. And I can't not go in there when I hear a thump.
*What is with these moms that let their 14 year old daughters walk around with their butt cheeks HANGING OUT of their  shorts?I don't mean just short shorts, I mean literal cheek hanging out. I passed this one mom at Kohls and wanted to ask the lady if she was her pimp.
*Why are all the stores seemingly out of summer stuff? Really, no water rafts...beach balls...water shoes-yes water shoes. I am aware they are not the most flattering thing you can wear to the beach but I am DEATHLY afraid of the zebra mussels that are in the water. DEATHLY. Ok, really I'm afraid of almost everything that is in the water....but zebra mussels are at the top of the list.
Look harmless? Uhhhhh no. That sucker will slice you.
*Why did J.K. Rowling have to go and finish the Harry Potter books? I saw the last movies last night and I'm not gonna lie...I was really sad when it was over. I must say HP=yummm
*This year has gone by so fast. I remember saying "This time next year (at Gull lake) I will have a 6 or 7 month old" I swear that just do I already have a 7 month old??? Either way I am SO glad to be getting away...where there will be plenty of other people for E to crawl all over...
*I really want to take a spin class at the gym, but I am terrified that it will kick my butt...
because it will...but...

*Says it all:

What are you thinking today?

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