Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where is the love?

So yesterday I got an email from, I get them every once in awhile with updates about how old Ellie is and some current posts on the forum. One of the current posts was from a mom who's baby is almost 2 months old and she wanted advice about vaccinating. Vaccines are something I usually stay quiet about (unless people directly ask me what I think) because people always jump down your throat if you choose not to vaccinate and I really don't care to hear what people think on this issue. The original poster said she was nervous about vaccinating and asked if the baby really needed all the shots right away. I'm always curious what other peoples views aer especially about vaccinating so I clicked on it.

First Mistake!

After reading her ask for advice/opinions I decided that I would post. I honestly have never posted on anything on there before but this is something I actually dealt with myself so I thought why not?!?!

Second Mistake!

This was my post:
Ok Don't let all these people freak you out. Are ALL the vaccines necessary...NO. Especially not as an infant. Does a teeny baby need a Hep B shot...ummm no. unless you plan on shooting him up with some drugs or he's going to be having unprotected sex anytime soon. And some of the side effects of these shots are WORSE THAN THE DISEASE! We opted out of ALL the vaccines for the first year. Once she is older we MIGHT consider getting some but that all depends. The Vaccine Book by Dr Sears is has a TON of information. If you are going to BF and are a SAHM then the chances of your child contracting any disease is RARE. The best thing you can do is research everything for yourself and make a WELL informed decision. Pray about it. Don't do or not do anything our of fear. The only shot that HAS to be given within a certain time frame is the rotavirus vaccine. Other wise you will be ok to wait and give them later when your little one's a little older. Let me know if you need anymore info advice, I would love to chat :)
It amazed me the backlash that came, just from my comment! (Any one who had a different view was tore up!) I was attacked and mocked first off for telling her to pray about it. Really, one little sentence can get you so fired up?? If you don't believe in God don't tear me down because I do and I think that asking Him for counsel is a wise decision. I replied to a few comments and then just gave up. In one of my replies I made sure to say that I do not think that vaccinating your child makes you a bad parent or not vaccinating your child makes you a good parent. We are all just trying to make the best decisions for our children. And I never attacked anyone for their choice to vaccinate their child. I couldn't believe that the originally poster asked for advice but when I gave mine I was verbally attacked. And forget about the girl that tried to stick up for me...they tore her to shreds. I am amazed that some of these women ever even trapped found a man to make a baby with. They were horrible!
If you ask for advice expect to get it. And expect to get some that you don't want to hear. But not once in my reply did I ask "What do the rest of you think?" That's why I am so anti-unsolicited opinions. Because I really don't need to hear what you think about every.little.thing. I don't know it all, but I sure don't need you shoving what you think down my throat and attacking me as a person...and even more a mother.
If you ask my opinion/advice I will give it. But I am not going to personally attack you or the way you do things. I will say this is what I do/think but you need to do what you think is right. Vax, don't vax, BF, don't BF. Stay at home mom, go back to work. Co-sleep, Crib sleep. etc. Unless you are abusing your child they way that you choose to raise them is none of my business and not my place to tell you you're wrong.
It is so sad that these moms are out there attacking each other. It is hard enough to be a parent, we don't need to add to it by tearing each other down. Shouldn't we band together? Where is the "mommyhood"? Where are our allies? We are all just trying to do the best we can.
The World is a hard enough place without everyone turning on each other. 

That is the last time I will ever post on anything.

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