Thursday, June 21, 2012

Going To The Chapel...

Two Saturdays ago I threw my friend Erin a bachelorette party and we went out to Novi and hit a few of the bars. We went to Carraba's for dinner-amaze balls. I made all the girls little goody bags and whipped up a cake for the bride to be.

And this Saturday I was one of the (maids) Matron of Honor at Erin's wedding. 

{My gorgeous hair, courtesy of my sister}

I have known Erin since our junior year. We spent just about every weekend together. We were the life (lives) of the party. I have so many great memories with her. There was never a dull moment, that's for sure. And I have known her {now} husband Brent since 7th grade. 

Don't judge the pictures-of-a-picture. Some of these were before digital cameras. 
And don't judge my newly-wed grandma couch. 

Erin and I senior year.  

I believe it was our Junior year (before Brent and Erin were together) when Erin and I "bought" Brent and his friend at the Student Auction. We made the boys wear collars all day and do some pretty embarrassing things. Brent was quite the Mr. popular in high school. Once the two of them finally got together Erin and I would always joke that she was dating THE Brent C-----. 
And now she is married to THE Brent C---- and she is THE Mrs. C----

We have all had some pretty good times together!

These two are such a cute couple, and are so in-love. You can't help but smile and have a good time when you're around them.

Erin was, of course, stunning. 
The ceremony was perfect. Watching tear up Brent as Erin was getting ready to walk down the aisle was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Brent wrote most of the ceremony and we all listened as the minister told their love story. It was so sweet,  I'm sure everyone was a little choked up.
The reception was gorgeous, and the food was ah-ma-zing. Filet of beef and salmon; don't mind if I do! 
During their reception they all surprised us when half way through their first dance {Edwin McCain's "I'll Be"} and half way through broke out into a choreographed dance to Michael Jackon's "The Way You Make Me Feel". If blogger wasn't being stupid I would upload the video.

We had a blast at the wedding and I am so honored that the let me be a part of their big day. 
Here's to the next 50+ years!!


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