Monday, April 22, 2013

Maternity Photo Shoot

My sister(in-law) is an AMAZING photographer. When I was around 32 weeks she took our maternity pictures for us and they turned out perfectly! I LOVE  them! I was a little nervous (not that the pictures wouldn't be good, but because I am always really hard about how I look in pictures and nit-pick every little thing, but I am SO happy with these!!)My other Sister(in-law) did my hair and make-up for the shoot and it was so nice to have my own little team of stylists. It was so nice to feel beautiful and have a day all about our little family. 

If only we would have been able to get more pictures with Ellie, but what are ya gonna do?! You can only bribe a 2 year old with cookies for so long. 

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