Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Michael: 1 Month


I can't believe that Michael has already been here for a whole month! (Ok almost 7 weeks, it's hard to blog when I'm nursing or keeping a 2 year old entertained all day.) Time has flown by; except for when Mike is at work allllll day, those days seem to drag on. We're still trying to figure out a routine around here. When Mike is at work it's hard for me to time Ellie's bath/bed time around Michael's feeding time. It seems like it changes every day, or he just ends up cluster feeding for 4 hours and I can't seem to get anything done. But I know how incredibly fast this stage goes and I am perfectly content getting in all the snuggles as I can!

This Month:
*You weigh 10lbs 7oz (Up from 7lbs 11oz at your newborn appointment).
*You are just starting to get too big for your newborn clothes. I'm not ready to pack them away yet!
*You eat like a champ. You eat about every 2-3 hours and cluster feed most nights before bed.  
*You are still in a newborn diaper (we switched to size 1 shortly after 1 month)
*You eat around 9pm then I wake you up for another feed when we go to bed. You usually give us about a 4 hour stretch and then every 2-3 hours after that. Then we are up for the day when Ellie wakes up any time between 8:00-9:30.

You really like to be held. As soon as we put you down you wake right up. I am so thankful for our Moby Wrap and Ergo. A few minutes after I pop you in the carrier you are out cold. You aren't a fan of your swing or bouncer. Just Mommy or Daddy's arms. Looking at Ellie and seeing how big she is really reminds me just how fast time flies so I am content to hold you and give you what you need. You won't want to be held forever!

You grunt a lot. Thankfully you aren't that big of a crier-unless we are in the car. I don't know why but you hate that thing. I feel awful whenever we go anywhere, but we can't stay cooped up in the house forever. You are a little hot box so we bought you a fan that clips on your car seat so hopefully that will help cool you down and you will be more content. You don't want to take a pacifier and no matter how hard we try we can't get you to suck your thumb. You just like mama. For naps you like to be bounced and swayed to sleep, but at bedtime you pretty much just pass out while you are eating.

You aren't much of a crier. You don't cry when we change your diaper or when you wake up for middle of the night feedings. You really only fuss when you are tired or want to be held. You have the cutest little pout face and sometimes when you cry you "mew" like a little kitten. It's the cutest thing! 

 Ellie is obsessed with you. She always looks for you first thing when she wakes up in the morning and says "Awwwww, he's so ca-uute" and "gotta be niiiice to the baby" while she strokes your head. She always needs to cover you up with a blanket; and surprisingly she doesn't cover your face! She is always giving us play by plays of what you are doing. When you cry she says "He's saying La".

I can't imagine life without you here and I am so excited to see your personality start to show. You are such a sweet boy and we love you so much!!

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