Friday, September 27, 2013

Michael: 4 Months

I can't even explain how much I love you! You are the sweetest little baby. I can't believe how fast time has gone and that you are already 4 months old. It seems like we just brought you home and here you are transitioning from a little newborn into an infant. You are learning so many new things and even though you aren't our first baby we love to watch you take in the world and reach all these new milestones. I can't imagine our life without you!
This Month:
*You weigh: 16lbs and 15.5oz (Ellie didn't weigh this much until 8 months!!)
*You are wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes.
*You still eat about every 2ish hours; sometimes more, sometimes less. You are pretty efficient though and nursing sessions only take about 5 minutes or so.
*You are in a size 2 diaper.
*You have a bath every night around 8:00 and then eat and go to sleep. On August 16 you started a horrible sleep regression. You were waking up every 2 hours, and sometimes every hour. You were try to roll over in your sleep and are constantly waking yourself up. We have tried a lot of different things to help you sleep better. Nothing is working. I am hoping that in time you will go back to sleeping longer stretches. I don't know how much longer mama can handle this!!
Your hair has definitely lost most of the auburn hue and is pretty lint with just a hint of auburn!

You are a little more content in your swing or bouncy. During dinner you want to sit in the bumbo on the table and be a part of the action. Or you like to be held on our lap; which doesn't make eating very easy! You love to lay on the ground under your play mat. This month you accomplished rolling from back to belly AND belly to back! I guess all that practicing in your sleep really paid off!
You have a toy monkey that you love playing with. Whenever I bring it over you will smile and wave your hands and kick your feet. Everything instantly goes in your mouth. If someone is holding you, you always try to put their fingers in your mouth and gum them! 
 You are such a happy sweet boy. Anytime someone talks to you, you break out in a huge grin. It is the sweetest thing ever. You are such a talker and love when we lay down and talk to you, sometimes you are just down right loud! You definitely love attention!
 You have discovered your feet and are constantly grabbing at them. You love to put them straight in your mouth! Who needs a pacifier when you've got your big toe! Speaking of pacifiers, we've pretty much given up hope of you taking one. You still have no interest in taking a bottle, but that doesn't keep us from trying!

I think we have conquered the car seat and you rarely ever cry in the car any more. Thank the good Lord for that! There has been more than one occasion that you have fallen asleep while we're driving. I love it.
 You are definitely a little thumb sucker, and it still melts me when I see you do it. It usually means that you are tired and we better get you down for a nap asap! You can really only handle being awake for about 1.5 hours before you need to be back to sleep so it makes it a challenge to get anything done during the day! I still feel like most of my day is trying to get you to nap! We are getting into a little more of a routine and I feel like I am finally starting to get the hang of it! (Or maybe my hormones are just starting to balance out!)
You love to watch Ellie run around and you are constantly staring at her. She loves to bring you toys and try to hold your hand. She still gives us a play by play of what you're doing. I can't wait to see the two of you become best friends and watch you play and grow together.

Here is Ellie's 4 month update for comparison

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