Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's The {Second} Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Ahhhh...Do you feel it???


I love October. You know, some very important people were born this month.
most importantly would be yours truly.
Then of course there is the ever amazing Pele.
We share a birthday, must be fate.

I am pretty sure this will be the last year that I am excited about my birthday.
I foresee a mental breakdown in my future this time next year.
You never know...

Other perks about October:
Daylight savings time baby! Some years this falls on my birthday weekend, an extra hour to par-tay
yes please.
The leaves start to change colors and everything looks beautiful.
and then they fall and we have to rake them.
<not so fun>
Need I say more
I would die for that figure.
I just won't DIE-T and work out for it. HA!
But most importantly it gives me an excuse to make delicious pumpkin desserts
::for other people of course::
You can't look like that ^^
if you eat like this

Oh my yum.

What are some reasons you love fall??

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