Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Linking up with Katie this morning
Saturday Morning Scene

My morning has been full of chasing this little monster around
She is obsessed with getting into my sewing machine box.
And then laughs and turbo crawls away from me when I go to get her
Really funny.
I remember the days when I would put her on the floor and she would sit still.
Ahhh sweet, sweet memories!

These pictures were actually from yesterday afternoon
{so sue me}
but this is what our day will look like!

We're enjoying the 80* weather we have going on.
Especially since I know snow is
We might go to a cidermill today to get a pumpkin big enough for Ellie to sit in

I think we're going to finally get over to see my new niece since Ellie is feeling better.
Later tonight my bff and her bf is coming over for some grub and game night.
Scattergories?? Definitely.
So excited!

Caught Ellie mid-dance.
I love her so much!

What are you doing this perfect fall Saturday?

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