Friday, October 21, 2011

Show Us Your Life


I was introduced to couponing by a friend this spring and now I am addicted!
I am not "crazy" or an "extreme" couponer but I do love a good deal.
I typically shop at Meijer but if there are some really awesome or FREE deals I will take a trip to Kroger.
One of the reasons that I love Meijer is that they have Mperks and Mealbox where you can save and print store coupons.
Because we all know store coupon+manufacturer coupon=best deal!
This is my go-to website for all things couponing. It's a local mom who does the match-ups for my area.

She matches the store ADs with the coupons and tells you what deals you can get that week.
It's amazing.
And a huge time saver! If I had to figure it all out myself I can tell you I would NOT be couponing!
This is another awesome site and I typically use it for the coupon database if I need something and want to see if there is a coupon out for it.
Here is another good site for printable coupons.

I know there are some awesome deals that you can find at the drugstores, but I haven't have to confidence to tackle that yet!

I think the most I have ever saved off of a grocery bill is $50, but to me, that is a A LOT!
And I really don't put that much time or energy into couponing. I think if I devoted more time to it I could save a lot more.
Typically I buy 2-3 newspapers a week. The rule of thumb is to buy as many papers as there are members of your family. If I know there is going to be some awesome inserts then I'll buy more (Diapers/wipes).
I write the date on the front of the inserts and put them in a file folder.
When it's time to go shopping I make my list, check here, and then clip coupons accordingly. If there is a super good deal, or something is FREE then I will add it to my grocery list.
 (Pasta for .23 yes please. FREE gum? Of course!)
If there is something I need but haven't seen a deal for then I look in the coupon database and see if there is anything out for it. And if I have time I will thumb through the inserts to see if I am missing anything.
Another good idea is to go to the website of the product that you want to buy. Often times they will have links to coupons for you. Or you can always write them a letter saying how much you love their product and they will often respond with coupons.
In order to save money couponing you don't have to spend 35+ hours a week devoted to it.
Any amount of time you spend trying to save money will totally be worth it.

Now I have a hard time buying things without a coupon.
And I hate paying for things I know I can get for FREE or almost free.
Like toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc.

Manufacturer coupons double (up to .50 in most stores) Store coupons do not double.
Here's a little scenario about pairing store coupons and manufacturer coupons.
Let's say that spaghetti sauce is on sale for $1.99 at the store.
There is a store coupon for .40 off and a manufacturer coupon for .50 off
This means that you will pay .59 for that sauce.
$1.99-.40-$1.00(.50 doubles)=.59
Not a bad deal!

*Do get enough of a product to last you through the typical sale cycle. It takes about 12 weeks for an item to go on sale again.
*Do share coupons if you aren't going to use them. Someone once left coupons in the aisle for a product I needed. What a blessing!
*Do know your store's couponing policy. And always get a rain check if they are out of an item you need or they are having a good deal on.
*Do share your knowledge with others! Sometimes people are just afraid to start and don't know how!
*Don't buy things you don't need or won't use. Even if they are free. Unless you are going to donate them.
*Don't clear the shelves, that is so rude. Just because there is a good deal on peanut butter doesn't mean you need 100.
*Don't buy things just because you have you coupon for it. That doesn't mean it's a good deal. It is ok to let coupons expire.
*Don't become a hoarder with your new-found love for couponing :)

Speaking of sharing coupons, does anyone have any Gerber Good Start Formula checks or coupons or any wipes coupons they want to pass on?!?!


Taylin said...

Love your do's and don't list. I totally agree that it is ok to let a coupon expire. Although sometimes that is a hard thing to do!

Coupon Crocodile said...

I like your dos and don'ts list! And I let about five times more coupons expire than I use but I still manage to get good deals and save $.