Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sick Toddler

I hate when Ellie is sick.

I hate fighting her and holding her down to suction out her nose
which is stuffy
...yet runny...

I hate how I have to change her clothes multiple times a day because she is drooling like crazy because she can't close her mouth otherwise she can't breathe. (Maybe I should put a bib on her tomorrow duh.)

I hate that it makes sleeping more difficult because she has to choose between her paci...and breathing

I hate that we are stuck at home because I am not going to spread her germs all around to other unsuspecting babies. Of course now that I want to go to the gym I am quarantined.
(Here's a thought, if your kids are sick...keep em home!!)

I would take her place in a heart beat. I hate being sick, especially when I can't just stay in bed and sleep all day...
but at least I know how to blow my nose and I can pop some Dayquil.

Other than the drool soaked shirt and the snotty nose you would never know she is sick. She is still laughing and playing like nothings wrong. What a trooper.

Do you have any secrets or tips for shortening a toddlers cold or getting rid or a stuffy nose??

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