Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Linking up with Megan this week for

Sometimes I hate how much my husband works and wish he could be home with us more
Always I am thankful he has a job and can provide for our family

Sometimes I slack on my blog and think to myself "Ok, I'll post tonight"
Always After I put Ellie to bed I'm too drained to do much of anything

Sometimes I think I want to get a kitten
Always I remember how awful it was when we had one and it marked its territory all over our apartment

Sometimes I like to stay home and have a lazy day with Ellie
Always I get stir crazy-and cranky-when I haven't been out in the world

Sometimes I get really stressed out thinking about all the things that are going on this year
Always I am so excited for my friend and my BFF to be getting married this year..and I'm excited for some bachelorette parties :)

Sometimes I have an anxiety attack thinking about getting old
Always I remember my husband is almost 4 years older than me and I'm still young :)

His birthday is this weekend so I had to throw that in there!

Happy Tuesday

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Megan said...

Haha, love the dig at your hubby!! I'm a year older than mine, so I won't be able to say that. Boo!!

Thanks for linking up with me!!