Thursday, August 16, 2012

20 Months

I am honestly shocked that in 4 short months Ellie is going to be 2.
I can't understand how this happened? How did she go from a 6lb 12oz teeny tiny squishy newborn to a 25lb 20 month old? Where has the time gone? I am blown away by how fast the time has gone. I was just planning her first birthday party and now I already have to think about her second birthday? It breaks my mommy heart how fast time goes. I love the stage that she is in, but I still can't help but grieve the fact that she will never be this little again. This could be the last summer that it is just her and I at home. Watching her grow has taught me to really cherish these moments, she won't be my little girl forever. 
Hard to believe this was last year.
Sniff sniff 
Let me wipe these tears and get on with it.

Happy girl with her Oreo

You are currently wearing 12month - 18month clothing
You are in a size 3 diaper
You weigh about 25lbs and 33in tall
You wear a size 4/5 shoe
You sleep from 8:00-8:30ish every day (Praise God!)
You are down to one nap a day (since about 13 months) and usually only sleep for an hour or so. But I can deal with that because you sleep amazingly at night.
You still have your paci; only for nap time and night time. I have every intention of phasing it out before you're 2, but honestly; right now I'm just not that worried about it. I think it's funny that just now you are finally asking for it. "Pati, pati." But you know that when you get up in the morning and at nap time you have to put them back in your bed and that's where they stay. Sometimes I will go in your room and see you sprawled out on the floor looking under your crib for any spare paci's that you have thrown out of your crib. Sneaky Sneaky!

You are so funny. SO funny. I just love you so much. You talk so much; all the time actually. We try to encourage you to say what you want instead of just pointing/whining/or saying "me me me me" which is usually your go-to phrase. You can string 2 words along and sometimes more. You can of course say Mommy and Daddy. You can say all of your cousins names, and Auntie, and you call Aunt Raychal Pickle (?) 
Some of your favorite words and phrases are:
shoes on
lights on
go to seep (sleep)
pease (please)
hank you (mommy, daddy, etc)
You're wecome (welcome)
All done, down
Up, peas
Ok, Mommy 
(You say this when you are being naughty and I tell you to obey, be nice, or stop what you are doing etc)
and the newest phrase
Have patient 
(We are in the process of learning the "Have Patience" song. And when I sing this to you you sing back to me. 

You have started saying "I luv lew" and it is the sweetest sound I have ever heard. It stops my heart and warms my soul. I waited 19 months to hear those sweet words. And the wait was totally worth it. 

You are constantly asking for a snack. I will get you down from your highchair after breakfast and the second your feet hit the floor you are saying "nack. nack pease." If anyone happens to use snack in a sentence you are instantly asking for one. We have had to start spelling it out instead of saying it. And you always want whatever we're eating. I've started eating lunch when you go down for a nap so you don't eat all my food!
We have entered into the land of temper tantrums and I hate it. Nothing we do really seems to snap you out of it. One day I did put you in your crib for a minute to let you calm down and when I went back in to get you and when I picked you up I told you that if you were going to keep fussing then you were going to go to bed and you said "Ok, mama." and were fine after that. So maybe that is the key.As frustrating as it is when you are freaking out, sometimes I just want to laugh. Sometimes. Mostly it's not funny at all. 
On this particular day you were rolling around saying "Nuu, Nuu, Nuu, Nuu" (no, no, no, no) while I was taking your picture. You can say "No" perfectly well but that day you were exaggerating it as much as you could. 

Sometimes you can be a bit of a bully to Lucy. You take her toys, push her, head butt her, etc. And when we say "Ellie, that wasn't nice. Be nice to Lucy." You say "Ok," and cock your head to the side and whisper "Hi, Lucy. Hi, Hi." Or if you do something naughty to Lucy you will do this before we even say anything because you know you weren't being nice.

You are always on the go. Always. So the times where you actually sit with me and lay your head on my shoulder are so precious to me. You freely give hugs and kisses now and it makes me so happy. There's nothing better than the feeling of your little arms wrapped around my neck and hearing a sweet "I luv lew". Today you were giving me kisses and after every single one you would say "Hank you mommy!" I die. 

You love your dad so much. When he comes home from work and you hear him on the stairs your face lights up and you run to the gate to meet him. It is so sweet. 

Even with all the temper tantrums and the continuous testing of the boundaries I love this stage. You are just so fun. I love watching you learn, explore, change and grow and I am beyond grateful to be your mom. I love you so much Ellie-belle and can't wait to see what a beautiful little girl you grow into, and see what amazing things God has in store for your life. 

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