Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Ellie: Could you please go back to sleeping through the night. Please? I know you have a stuffy nose, but we are going on a week of you being up from 3-4 hours every night, typically from 12-4. I am about to lose my mind. Mommy is cran-kay when she is tired. Just ask daddy. Tonight we will be giving you a little dose of Benadryl to dry up your nose-ok and maybe in hopes it will make you very sleeeeepy. (Benadryl is per the Dr's orders, we're not trying to drug up kid into sleeping)
Dear Mike: Thank you for putting so much work into painting our house. We are no where close to being finished, but I am so glad that you aren't whining the entire time we are painting. If you were I might just have to smother you in your sleep err I mean uhhh... moving on. 
Dear Awkward: You are everything I look forward to on a Thursday night. (Until the fall line-up of course) I love your one-liners, and the way you never fail to make me laugh. 
Dear Brain: Would you just shut off already. When my head hits the pillow I am ready to be ahhh-sleep. Not lie there for hours making lists and having you run wild. I need you to shut it down when the lights turn off, especially due to the aforementioned lack of sleep we're getting because of little miss screamy pants. 
Dear Liberals: It took everything in me not to jump out of my car and shake some sense into you during your little protest today. If I hear "we are the 99%" one more time I'm going to shove pencils in my ears. 

We get it, you don't like Romney, but do you even know WHY you like Obama? Hope and change, Yes we can, I want free money and food- I think this little video about sums it up. 

You're Welcome


Beth said...

My sister has a 2 month old and I see so many similarities here... :) Hope things get better!

Here via Friday's Letters!

Beth in SC

Unknown said...

hope you get a sleepy baby for the weekend!

Happy Friday! have a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!

Unknown said...

I love the video.
i dont care

Britta Marie said...

awkward is one of my guilty pleasures!! .. hope you are able to get some sleep tonight!

xo Britta