Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Michael: 8 Months


This Month:
*You weigh: 20.5lbs
*You are wearing: Mostly 12 month clothes, but still some 9 month 
*You eat about every 2 hours. I feed you in the morning, when I put you down for a nap, when you wake up for a nap (x2), before bed, and 1-2 times during the night.
*You are in a size 4 diaper.
*You go to bed around 7:30-8:00 and sleep for about 30-40 minutes then wake up and fuss. Then we get you back to sleep, and about 15-30 minutes later you wake up and fuss again. Rinse and repeat for up to 3 hours. Not so fun. It's like you go through phases. You will sleep great for a few days or a week then you sleep like crap for a few days or a week. It's frustrating because you know how to put yourself to sleep, but instead, once we put you down in your crib you wake up and cry instead of sweetly sucking your thumb into slumber land.I don't know if you are daeling with some seperation anxiety or what, but we're all ready for some good nights sleep. You take about 2 naps a day (sometimes 3 depending on what time you wake up for the day) and get up in the morning anywhere between 8:00-10:00. Your schedule can change day to day depending on when you wake up.

 Your two bottom teeth popped through this month about a week apart. When you got your first tooth you had a bit of a cold and a fever too, so I took you into urgent care to make sure everything was ok. And it was; can't help the mama worries though! You had about 2 fussy nights each time your tooth was coming through. A few of those nights daddy ended up sleeping with you in the recliner all night. 

On 12/24/13 you pulled yourself to standing for the first time! You were so happy. Since then you pull yourself up onto everything. You want to be part of all the action. We had lots of family Christmases to go to this month and you did pretty well at all of them. Unfortunately lots of people were getting over colds and you ended up catching one. Hopefully you won't catch anymore this winter.

You are still breastfeeding (We made it longer than I did with Ellie!!!!!!) and I hope we make it to at least a year! You have no interest in solid foods, the only thing that you care to eat are Mum Mums. You seem to like feeding yourself so I will mash some banana or avocado on your highchair tray, but you still aren't that into it. Someday you'll eat solids...right?!

Our mini mozart
You are such a happy baby. You are starting to babble more and make some laughing/screeching sounds. You make this relly funny face where you scrunch up your nose, squint your eyes, and raise your eyebrows, but it is almost impossible to catch it on camera. When you are excited you sit and flap your arms, smacking one hand on top of the other. It's so funny. You love playing with Ellie and getting into whatever she is doing. You love to watch her and laugh at her. I really hope that you two are always best friends and have a close relationship.

Ellie needs to take some smiling tips from you! 

 These past 8 months have flown by and I can't believe that there are only 4 months until you are a year old. I wish that I could put time in a bottle and keep you my little baby forever, I could definitely go for you sleeping through the night though! You are a joy and a blessing to our family. I love you so much sweet boy!

Here is Ellie's 8 month update for comparison

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