Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday morning scene

I'm linking up with Loves of Life
again for our Saturday Morning Scene. 
Saturday Morning Scene

This morning we got up around 8:30 and got  everything ready for Ellie to spend some time with her 'nother Grandma so that Mike and I can get some spring cleaning done.

 I have some secret crafts to finish up and pick up the huge mess I made

and then if we finish in time Mike is dying to go see the new fast five (or whatever it's called) movie so I think if we get everything finished then we will head to the theater. It's a pretty dreary day today so after they bring Ellie back I think we'll just hang out and keep it low key.

 What are you doing on this rainy Saturday morning??


Ashley S. said...

It's dreary around these parts too! We are spending our day in our cozy little house. Enjoy the new "Fast Five" movie. I've heard really good things about it! :) I'm going to see "Something Borrowed" with my cousin tomorrow! Super duper excited!

Megan said...

Hi there! I hopped over here from your Saturday Morning Scene link up!

That's a pretty little girl you have! I know exactly what you mean about needing a baby sitter in order to get any cleaning done!