Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

This week, in honor of his coming graduation from Cornerstone, I am going to write about one of my big brothers, Eric.
This is why I am thankful for Eric and why I think he is so awesome
-He has always been there for me, and anyone who needs anything for that matter 
-He gives amazing, Godly, Biblical advice
-He is so fun to hang out with and we can talk about anything
-He genuinely cares about other people and what is going on in their life
-He puts his family first and would do anything for them. A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
-He has a great sense of humor
-He will call just to talk and catch up, not just because he needs something
-You can always count on him
-He makes sacrifices for his family
-When I was younger he always took time to hang out with me or go play pool
-He is honest, trustworthy, loyal, genuine and hardworking
-There are so many reasons that I think Eric is so awesome but I can't write a novel for Pete's sake!
I am so grateful for the relationship that I have with my brother. Growing up we were a little too much alike so needless to say we kinda fought a lot quite a bit. But now I am so grateful that we are similar because we get along so well! One of the best decisions that I ever made was to move to NC for 6 months and that is when we really became close. A lot of people can't call their siblings friends, but I am happy to say he is one of my closest friends. He has always been there for me any time, any where no matter what. And when I say always I mean ALWAYS. Even if we had just gotten in a fight, he could put everything aside to be there fore me. I know that I can always depend on him. We have so much fun when we hang out and can talk about anything. He is such a good example of a Godly man and I really look up to him. I am so proud of him for graduating this weekend, he has put in a lot of long hours and hard work. Eric, you are such an amazing dad, brother, husband, son, and friend and I am so glad that God chose to put you in our family. You're the best and I love you so much!

-Oh and of course most importantly he married Raychal and gave my my sweet niece Leah and my adorable nephew Jackson :)

Little update on sleep (fyi I will probably do these until she is sleeping through the night...Lord help us!) Last night after the little squeaks we heard at about 8:45 little one was out until she woke up at 2:30 to eat, then slept until about 7:15. Not too shabby even though anytime before 11 8 is too early for me ha! Naps still need some work...but we'll see what tomorrow holds! 

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Unknown said...

WOW Michelle! You sure nailed that one!!! Eric is all of those things and more. I am blessed to call him my son-in-law and even though we (I) didn't start out on the right foot in the beginning, the boy became a man and proved he was worthy of my daughter. I am SO thankful for the husband he is to her and the father he is to my grand kids...and of course the son he is to me. I thank God for him frequently!!!He is so funny and quick witted and I am extremely proud of his accomplishments, especially graduating Cornerstone. A lot of hard work has paid off! Congrats Eric!!! I love you son!