Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July Freak-Out

If I'm being honest here...
My Fourth of July SUCKED. 
We had plans to meet up with the rest of my family at a friends house and have a cook-out and spend the day swimming. 
While we were getting ready Ellie was in the hallway and tripped and smashed her face into the floor. 
I was in her room getting things ready when I heard her scream.
Not  a pretty sight. I honestly thought that we were going to have to get her stitches because it was bleeding so much. At least in my mommy mind. 
But it was really just a little spot where she bit her lip. She had a nice fat lip the rest of the day and apparently her fall put her in quite the crank ass mood. 
We got to our friends house and she just screamed. 
Screamed because she couldn't play with the screen door.
Screamed because she couldn't climb up and down the 200 steps from the deck to the ground.
Screamed because I wanted to change her diaper
...put sunblock on her
...feed her grapes
...change her diaper
...give her milk
Get the picture?
She was a real gem. 
Mike took her outside for a little bit before lunch to give my ears a break and have a moment to catch my sanity. 
(Praise God for husbands)
We had an amazing lunch of BBQ ribs and chicken, potato salad, corn cake, watermelon, and I'm sure more deliciousness but I can't remember over the sound of the screeching. 
I brought dessert and I must say it was ah-mazing. I'm never asked to bring a side dish to a potluck-only dessert. Don't let me fool you, I'm not that great in the kitchen, I'm just great with a mouse. 
Thank you Pinterest

The best part of the day was when Ellie was down for her nap and Mike and I were able to lounge in the pool for an hour or so. However payback will come for dunking me mid-sentence and making me swallow half the pool water. 
It may be tomorrow, it may be next week, it may be next month, you'll never know but beware Mr.

When Ellie woke up I tried to bring her out into the pool and she was immediately back into Raptor mode with the screeching. Evidently our little water baby from last summer is not so keen on floating around in the pool this year. 
So I told Mike eff this, let's go home. We got home, had dinner, let Ellie throw some poppers on the ground, gave her a bath, and put the crank to bed! 
It's like she knows when I'm looking forward to doing something or when I'm thinking we'll have an easy day and she's all "Nope!"
Maybe next year will be more fun..right?!?

However, I do have to say if I fell and smacked my face on the hardwood I would probably be in a pretty foul mood the rest of the day.
And by probably I mean definitely. 
Every one would feel my wrath. 
(I wonder where she gets her personality from...)

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