Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 Months

I can't believe that in two short months you will no longer be a baby.
The other night I sat in your room with you after you finished your bottle and fell asleep and just rocked you. I may have bawled shed a few tears just thinking about how you were once so little and how fast time is going. I never realized just how fast the months fly by until I had you. I just wish I could stop the clock and keep you my little girl forever.
This month:
*You weigh around 20lbs
*You have 4 bottles a day and eat 3 meals a day
*You are in a size 2 disposable diaper
*You are in mostly size 6month clothes, but can still fit into a dew 3month pants.
*You go to bed at 7:00ish and sleep until around 7:00.
*You still take 2 naps a day, but lately think your too cool for your afternoon nap so you just sit in bed and talk to yourself.

 You are really starting to show your little personality lately.
You crack us up!

You learned how to click your tongue this month and yout think it is the best thing ever!
You love to dance and are constantly wiggling. You bop your head when I sing my silly songs to you and love to dance to the music from your toys.

You love to eat!
You love, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, avocado, banana, broccoli and cheese nuggets, pretty much anything we give you!
You also love to pick up anything you find on the ground and put it directly in your mouth.
Little stinker.

You are such a happy girl and love to smile.
You keep us on our toes! If you are getting into something you're not supposed to and you see me coming you immediately drop to the ground and turbo crawl in the other direction. Once your far enough away you turn around to make sure I'm chasing you.

You have started trying to clap this month and it is so cute.
You often miss your hands, but it doesn't keep you from trying!
You've had some pretty extreme separation anxiety lately. All you want is mama. I'm hoping that you grow out of this quickly because there are so many other people who want to love on you!

I would say your biggest accomplishment this month is taking your first steps!!!!!!!!!
You took your first step on 10/11/11.
The most steps you've taken has been 3, but you are well on your way!
We are so proud of you Ellie-bellie and we love you oh so much!


Megan said...

Those pumpkin pictures are SUPER adorable!!!! AND...you won a giveaway on my blog. Congrats!!

Tami said...

Oh my word... I love, love, love the pumpkin pics! How did she do when you put her in the pumpkin? She looks pretty happy in the pictures! :) I can't believe she took her first steps. It makes me get teary-eyed just thinking about Emerson walking! Happy 10 months cutie pie!