Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Sickling

Yesterday I woke up to a baby whining, standing in her crib...
covered in snot


Poor girl had a fever all day, runny/stuffy nose, watery eyes, and some congestion.

Around 3:30 I took her temp and it was over 104* so I decided we better book it to the Doc. Better safe than sorry.
I don't mess with temps that high.
We have a great pediatrician. He is everything you would ever want in a Dr.
Handsome, beautiful eyes, a sense of humor
errr I mean he is great with kids. But unfortunately he was booked for the afternoon.

(But I did hear his voice echoing through the halls...)

So after a thorough exam from the not-so-nice Dr he said that it was adenovirus and she will probably be fighting this all week.

Really Encouraging.

So I have a sniffling, snorting, whiny, drooly mess on my hands. Poor little girl.
And she makes it really easy to use the snot sucker.
So easy I have to swaddle her in a sleep sack and she screams her brains out.

But the last time she was "sick" it turned out to be nothing so we will see...

On another note, my beautiful sister gave birth to their little GIRL Sunday morning.
They didn't know the gender.
I am shocked, I thought for sure it was a boy.
I am still confused :)
Hazel. I love it!
She was 9lbs 3oz.
And she went all natural.
What a trooper.
She is my Hero!!!!
Congratulations! You two are going to be such an amazing parents.
We love you!

I hope Ellie gets better ASAP so we can go snuggle that squishy new baby!!!


Ashley S. said...

Sick babies are NO fun! I hope your little one gets better soon. My husband a.k.a my other child has been fighting something similar all week. The whining is just as painful! LOL! :)Congrats on your new niece! All natural...wow! She really is my hero! :)

Michelle said...

Poor Ellie! I know that face in the picture all to well. We've been dealing with croup at our house. No fun! Hope you little Miss gets to feeling better soon! Hang in there, Momma!