Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Unexpected Proposal

On October 14th Mike and I went out to celebrate my BFF's (Andrea) well deserved promotion.
Because she is awesome and is a hot shot at work.
When she told me about this shindig I said
"wouldn't it be funny if it turned into an engagement celebration"
We dropped Ellie off at my MIL's and got ready to par-tay.
(She was returned at midnight because little Miss wouldn't quit freaking out at Gma's. Oh how I love separation anxiety)

Andrea and her bf Jason have been together for about 2 years and are seriously the best couple e.v.e.r.
They are "our" couple.
You know; your go-to couple. The one you stay up playing games with until 5:00a.m.
Or is that just us?
We love them.

We had dinner and were having some bevies when Jason gave Andrea some presents for her promotion.
Two baby blue wrapped boxes tied with ribbon.

I started getting excited. What I mean by excited is I was having a heart attack.

Inside the first box was a plastic toy grizzly bear
And a note that explained how Jay is like the grizzly.
Then she opened the second box
I just knew this was it!!!

She pulled out the most gorgeous, extravagant,
toy giraffe.

And there was another note explaining how she is like a giraffe (she loves giraffes)
and he made her read it out loud

At the end of the note he wrote there is something he's been meaning to ask her

I'm guessing she said yes.
Ok, so I cried a little.

She was totally surprised! It was so sweet!!
The shot we all want to see.

This ring: is beautiful!

I have known this girl for 20 years and I think I have seen her cry twice.
This was the second time.
It was such a special moment and I am so glad that we were there along with her family to witness it.

These two are so in love and so perfect for each other.
I couldn't ask for a better man to marry my best friend, she deserves the best.
These two had perma-grins the rest of the night!

I can't wait to celebrate and PARTY with them next year at their wedding.
It's going to be EPIC.
We love you two so much!!

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