Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our little fairy

Trick or Treating only goes from 6:00-7:00 in our town.
I remember going for HOURS when I was a kid.
I would come home with enough candy to last until Easter.

Last night we sat outside for about 45 minutes and passed out candy to the few little kids that came by.
And the not so little teens and adults that were trick or treating.
It was pretty frickin cold so we didn't last the whole hour.

I got Ellie's costume like 2 weeks ago. I wasn't even sure if I was going to get her anything since Mike was going to be at work and it was just going to be me and her home alone. But since it was her first Halloween I couldn't not dress her up in something adorable. Since I waited until the last minute there wasn't much of a selection left but I did save $30 off the asking price!!!
So she is a little fairy princess (???)
And I think she looked adorable anyways.
Maybe next year we will go all out and I will come up with an awesome original idea.

We came inside to warm up our little fairy before a bath and bedtime.

No she didn't eat any of the candy.
Yes I am that mean mom that doesn't let my 10.5 month old eat sweets.
I have some crazy idea that I want her to develop good eating habits from the get go and I don't want to feed her a ton of sweets and sugar.
Insane right?

After we put the little munchkin to bed we watched Captain America and munched on our leftover candy.
It was actually a pretty good movie.
I wanted to watch a scary movie-not TOO scary- but the stupid movie store didn't have The Uninvited.
But I will still be renting it as soon as the slackers that have had it for over a week turn it in.

Happy Halloween!!!

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Tami said...

Her little fairy costume was too cute!