Monday, December 19, 2011

Ellie's First Birthday Party

We had Ellie's birthday party at our house last Saturday.
I guess the theme was pink and black with a touch of zebra.
When I first had Ellie I wasn't really into all the headbands, bows, dresses, and cute outfits.
Then I decided I was going to have myself a little girly girl and I wanted to always dress her up.
At least while I can still pick out her outfits!

It was a late afternoon party so on the menu was a cheese ball and crackers, a veggie tray, chocolate covered oreo's drizzled in pink chocolate, zebra cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. 

Thank God for my Cricut, I loved making the decorations.
I loved Ellie's banner and cupcake toppers.

Birthday girl in her birthday outfit.

She got some fun toys and some adorable outfits!!
She got some mega blocks that she insists spreading out all over the living room.

She wasn't so sure about the cupcake at first

but she caught on

After a quick clean up and an outfit change she just lounged around in her new chair from her grandpa.

We had a great day.
No melt-downs, temper-tantrums, and Ellie didn't get freaked out by all the people.
We are so blessed to have such an amazing family and some awesome friends.
I can't wait to see what is in store in the upcoming year!


Tami said...

Everything turned out so cute and I love her little outfit! She's so precious eating her cake too!

Unknown said...

What a cute little party for her!! And sounds like it went smooth! I was the child that always cried and whined. Ops! :)

first birthday photo invitations said...

I so love your hair dress little girl!