Monday, December 5, 2011


I had a little mommy time this weekend so my bff and I went to my fave restaurant Stir Crazy and then we saw Twilight on Friday night.

Don't judge me.

We rented the other movies a few weekends ago.
I was really embarrassed calling the movie store to see if they had any of the Twilight movies in stock.
Apparently we decided to start our Twilight journey them the weekend that Breaking Dawn came out so it was really hard to find a copy. And once we started the movies I knew I would have to see the saga through till the end.

I never had any intention of jumping on this wagon.
I am not a fan of Vamps. "Dark" stuff like that does not appeal to me.
Whenever I think of Twilight I picture screaming teenage girls and those stupid Team Edward/Jacob shirts.
And I am a die hard HP fan.

My sister read the books and told me they were so amazing and that Edward was really old school and wouldn't sleep with Bella until they were married.

That sparked my interest because that is not a typical Hollywood theme.
The movie was actually pretty good. I want to read the book to see what the second part will be about. Especially since I've heard that the books are so much better than the movies.

I'm still not a Twi-tard-or a Twi-hard or whatever you call it, but I love the theme of family throughout the movies.

And if I had to choose I am team Edward-but only because I love the way he loves Bella.
He is too pale and skinny.
Otherwise I am team Jacob-especially when he is shirtless.

Oh did I mention that I went to see Breaking Dawn again with my sister Sunday night?
She really wanted to go, so we left both our babies with our hubbies and went to the Theater.

I swear I'm not a twi-hard.

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