Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

So for Thursdays I decided that I want to write about people in my life that I am thankful for. This week I was going to start of with my wonderful husband but he is laid up on the couch next to me from his knee surgery so that would just be awkward having him watch and tell me what I should write about him. haha! (See this is him telling me what to write) So he will just have to wait.
SOOOOOOO instead I will start off this week with none other is me making Mike wait to see who it is)......MOTHER.
My Mom Ruth Ann
I can't even begin to express how thankful I am to have her in my life. She is such an amazing woman. I am so grateful that our relationship has developed into what it is today. So here are the reasons that I am SO glad that she is MY mom:
*She loves me and has stuck by me through thick and thin. I wasn't always the best daughter and had some rough years and she never gave up on me. That alone attests to how great of a person she is; because lemme tell you I was NOT an easy person to live with ;)
*She is always there for me. Anytime day or night. Literally. She has had to endure many middle of the night phone calls listening to me blubbering about who knows what
*She has this amazing ability to snap me out of a pity party, she tells me what I NEED to hear, not necessarily what I WANT to hear and I am so thankful that she will tell me the hard truth because not many people care enough about you to tell you what you NEED to hear.
*She always encourages me to keep moving forward and do what is right.
*She is so thoughtful. She is always willing to do anything for anyone, and her house is almost always full of people and she is the BEST hostess.
*She is so funny, we have the best time talking and hanging out together. I can honestly say that above everyone else my mom is truly my best friend.
*I know that when she says that she is praying for me, she really is.
*I can depend on her to say what she means, and mean what she says.
*She is such a good testimony to trusting God to do what His word says He will do. She always encourages me to trust my Father and rely on Him.
*She is an honest, trustworthy, caring, kind, funny, loyal, dependable, sincere, encouraging, Godly, hardworking, considerate, GORGEOUS, amazing woman who I love so much and am so thankful to have her in my life. 
 Mom, you are the best and I love you so much!

***Who are you thankful for??

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