Sunday, June 5, 2011

Busy Busy

I started this off weekend feeling like I was getting strep-throat. Really? REALLY?!?! This was not the time for me to get sick. I had way too much to do this weekend! Luckily after popping some dayquil and drinking a couple glasses of OJ I started to feel much better.

Saturday we went to the wedding of a friend from high school. I graduated with the bride and Mike graduated with the groom. Needless to say it was like a high school reunion...for both of us! The ceremony was outside at their parents house and was H-O-T. HOT. But it was so cute. Pretty flowers, pretty green bridesmaid dresses, and of course the beautiful bride! My whole family was invited and since my mom doesn't live far from them we went back to her house to sit on the a/c vents cool off until the reception. After feeling adequately refreshed we headed out to the reception. It was a beautiful banquet room and my brother, his wife, Mike, and I ended sitting up at a table with a girl I was pretty good friends with for almost my entire life. We grew up together and played soccer together forrrrreverrrr, but like most people lost touch after we graduated. It was so good to catch up with her and she lives close by so hopefully we keep in contact! We didn't stay too late, because after all, we do have a mini back at home that still wakes us up at night!
Both Friday and Saturday were late nights because I was trying to finish decorations and food for a surprise sprinkle that I was throwing at my house for my sister(-in-law) who is due August 2nd. (My other sister(-in-law) is due October 1st, how awesome is that?!?!) It is my fault that I am a huge procrastinator couldn't get things done earlier in the week, but thankfully Mike was a huge help. I skipped church this morning and started baking cupcakes at 8:00 but still was running around getting things together when people started showing up at 12:15 (30 min earlier than the invitation said I might add!!!). But everything came together and Raychal was surprised! We had a great lunch and had a good time celebrating this new life that will soon be joining our family!

 We're getting used to rice cereal around here, so this is what most of my nights look like :)

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