Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Saturday Morning Scene

This morning Mike left around 7:00 to go help my brother put a new roof one his house. My brother said he was having a roofing party...but that didn't trick me, I knew there was no "party" in that! ha!

Ellie woke up around 5:30am this morning, so I fed her and usually she falls right back asleep. Well the past two mornings ummmm no. So this morning I put her back in her crib and went back to bed. She was quiet for about a half-an-hour and then started talking to herself (super cute) and then she started fussing so when Mike left he brought her into our room where we snuggled and hung out for a little while. She was eating off-and-on and lo and behold sometime around 8:00 she fell back asleep and we napped until 10:00. HALLELUJAH! This Momma neeeeeeeded some shut-eye!

After we got out of bed we came out to the living room to play. She has plenty of choices when it comes to toys
But this is what she chooses...

A tag on one of her toys. This is not an unusual choice. She has some weird obsession to tags. The bigger the better
The rest of the day belongs to the hideous flower beds outside that are going to get weeded and gutted this afternoon. Let me try to contain my excitement.

What are your plans for this sunny Saturday morning?


Tryna said...

Stopping by from SMS! Your daughter is precious! I always wonder why I buy my children toys when they are perfectly content with tags, boxes, and paper. ;)

Tami said...

Ellie is precious!