Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Give it 2 weeks

Well that was short-lived. Just like my friend told me, give it 2 weeks. Is your baby doing something good, give it 2 weeks it'll change. Are you having problems nursing, give it 2 weeks. Well this was only one week, all those good days of Ellie putting herself to sleep are G.O.N.E. back are the days of swaddle/pacifier/shush/sway/rock. It was nice while it lasted. I know that SOME day she will EVENTUALLY be able to put herself to sleep at night. It will happen right? Right??? I mean really, I won't have to rock her to sleep every night and every time she wakes up until shes 30...RIGHT?? Don't get me wrong, it's not THAT hard to get the kid to sleep, but staying asleep, that's the tricky part...She constantly wakes her self up. If she rolls on her back, if her paci falls out etc etc. And then that she is awake. We tried the rice cereal in the bottle trick tonight hoping that would fill her up and conk her out..lets see, she went down about 8 and already woke herself up at 8:45. Is there some kind of baby sleeping disorder that I'm dealing with? It's crazy that for like the first 2-2 1/2 months this girl DID.NOT.WAKE.UP. Seriously, I really thought maybe something was wrong with her. I actually asked my sister "Did your kids sleep this much when they were little, because Ellie is sleeps all-the-time. allthetime." I thought I had the best sleeper ever. HA! Little did I know that I should totally take advantage of the time she slept because by 3 months she would forget how to do it.

It's insane that our most talked about topics used to be what we were doing for the weekend and where we were going to go out to eat. Now it seems all we talk about is poop.and.sleep. In that order. And the lacking of both. I know that some day she will be big and we will miss these times, but when your groggy and sleepy and have been in hibernation for the past few months (because the girl knows if you make plans to leave the house and loses.her.mind if you try to go anywhere) it seems like she's never going to learn how to sleep. Even still, sleep or no sleep, I love this little girl SO much. And after all, just give it 2 weeks, right?

Anyways, one my closest friends Amanda is in town (yayyyyy!!!) and yesterday she came over to hang out and watch me try to get Ellie to sleep and then listened to me talk about some of my current my frustrations  and then last night we went out on the town. We went cra-zy. CRAZY! This was our night. Are you ready? Really, are you ready for this?!?! We went to longhorns for dinner .yum. Then we went to babies'r'us (because I am constantly buying something and then returning it) JoAnns, Michaels, Meijer and then ended the night watching 16 and pregnant. WOW. That is some insane partying right there haha! We did have a pomegranate margarita at dinner, watch out! But it was de.lic.ious. It was so great to spend time with her seeing as how she moved like 10 hours up north and I miss her SO much!

I recently came to the realization that I eat when I'm stressed. A lot. This is really inhibiting me losing weight. I have to get it under control. In my mind I believe that I deserve a little treat because I'm stressed out. How old am I, FIVE? I deserve a treat because I made it another day, come on. I need to come up with some other way to relieve stress and "treat" myself. How about exercise (duh, right) but when I get a spare minute I just want to relax, not get on the exercise bike. Get it together Michelle sheesh! So now that I have accepted it and admitted it, it is time to change it. After all you can't lose weight by eating bad foor all the time!
Ok enough ramblings for today. Be back tomorrow for Thankful Thursdays!
I had to get these two in here. So cute!

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